April 2020 – Simplified Social Searching, Boolean Search Strings and More!

Expert Mode, allowing for Boolean search strings

Expert Mode can be used to manually create Boolean search strings to create your Topics, rather than using Agility’s standard three fields of OR, AND and NOT fields.  This allows you to enter long form Boolean expressions giving more flexibility when building your search queries.

Please note that Expert Mode is made for users who have experience and knowledge creating Boolean search strings.  Those unfamiliar with Boolean search strings may find this feature difficult to use and may find the standard mode more user-friendly.

If you would like to learn more, please reach out to your Client Success Specialist or Support to learn more!

To switch to Expert Mode, simply click “Switch to Expert Mode” on the topic creation page:

Switch to Expert Mode

To learn more about expert mode, have a look at this article in our Help Center.


New media database serving Agility clients

Over the last several months we have been developing a new media research platform, which we are now using to manage the data that you are using to discover and target media in Agility.

The majority of changes are at the ‘back-end’, allowing our Research team to work even more efficiently and accurately to source and maintain the data that you use. The new functionality available to our team will enable us to develop and open up a host of new media targeting features in the months to come.   

Editorial roles, media and product types have already been revised and brought up to date to reflect current industry terminology. Check definitions here.

Some of the main ‘back-end’ benefits of the move:

•             Higher performance and speed for increased productivity, allowing quicker turnaround time on research projects

•             Improved ability to generate new data leads using the billions of articles we harvest in our media monitoring

•             New functionality for even higher accuracy rates when discovering media, tracking journalist movement and cessation of employment


New Filters with Monitoring Functions

You will now find an option to filter the list that appears on the left-hand panel, whether that’s a list of topics, saved coverage, reports, briefings or subscriptions.  You can filter by names, status, creators, important dates, etc.  We hope this will make managing busy accounts much easier!

To use the filters, simply click the funnel button at the top of the left-hand panel:

LHP Filters

Then select your desired filters and click “apply”:


As with anything else in Agility, if you have questions on how to use this new feature please reach out to Support for help.


Schedule multiple monitoring briefings per day

You can now schedule monitoring briefings to arrive in your inbox at several regular intervals throughout each day. You may not need a coverage alert for every single monitoring result your topic generates, but you may need more than one briefing every 24 hours. The current surge in changing news is a timely example of when you may need a regular summary of media mentions delivered at regular intervals throughout the day.

To receive more than one recurring briefing per day simply click the plus symbol next to the time setting and select the times at which you’d like your subsequent briefings to be delivered.

Schedule Recurring Briefing


View Social mentions directly within the Subscription

You can now view all of the mentions being generated by your social media subscriptions within the subscription screen itself. Previously, social results were presented in corresponding monitoring topics.

To view the results that your social subscriptions are generating, click into any active subscription. If you are setting up a new subscription, be sure to activate it before viewing mentions so that you see the most up to date results available.

When viewing social results, you have access to all of the functionality available when managing mentions, e.g. saving to folders and tags, applying filters and viewing mention details.

Social Media Mentions in Subscription

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