August 2019 – Recent Coverage and New Wire Circuits Now Available

Recent Coverage Showing in Journalist Profiles

Agility is now able to display up to the 20 most recent articles that a journalist has published within their profile. This can give you a precise view of what each journalist has been writing about, and hopefully further help you discover the right people for your PR campaigns.

Within any journalist profile, Recent Coverage is now shown as a tab under Media Feed:

Recent Coverage on Contact Profile

By selecting the tab, you are presented with the 20 most recent articles written by the journalist, each of which you can then navigate to in order to read in full:

Recent Coverage Module

A full explanation of how to use this feature is here.


Wire Distribution Options Increased to Include Canada and North America Circuits

As well as options to distribute via email and to the Agility Newsroom, Agility PR Solutions has a newswire distribution service. Within the Agility platform, you can now select to distribute your content to our Canada and North American distribution circuits, as well as the existing US and UK options. With our easy-to-use platform, dedicated editorial team and quick turnaround times, you’ll see your releases amplified to a global media audience.
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