August 2022: Social Listening – A brand new social media monitoring and analysis platform

Agility has built and launched a brand new social media listening and analytics platform, seamlessly integrated with our media distribution and monitoring for an easy user experience.

Social Listening enables you to

  • Easily monitor coverage of topics, campaigns, competitors, influencers, brand handles and much more.
  • Analyse the big picture with sentiment, engagement and trends analysis, or take a deep dive into individual posts and uncover what’s driving conversations.
  • Compare results against previous periods and across platforms for timely takeaways to inform future communications and marketing.

The out-of-the-box, executive-ready report templates are easy to use, providing you, your colleagues and your clients with attractive reports displaying coverage, impressions, engagement, sentiment, trends over time and much more. As ever with Agility, Social Listening will be enhanced every month with more and more features.

Social Listening Analysis Charts

Social Listening Analysis with ready-made charts


Social Listening Analysis is automatically generated for all of your topics


Attractive and Interactive Social Listening Reports are created very easily in a few minutes


Social Listening allows you to analyse sentiment and the engagement with your chosen coverage

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