December 2019 – Further Improvements to Monitoring

Social Media Mentions Displayed Natively in Agility Platform

Agility will now display social media mentions as they appear on the original platform, be it Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or YouTube. Once you highlight a mention from a social media source, the Mention View on the lower right panel will display the content exactly as you would see it on the site itself and allow you to interact with the content.

Instagram Post in Agility

YouTube Video in Agility


Apply Tags to Multiple Monitoring Mentions

Agility now allows you to apply a tag to multiple mentions in one action. This article explains how to use folders and tags.

It is easy to organize your chosen mentions in folders, which can be used to create briefings and reports. Tags allow you to further categorize and label your saved coverage, and even allow you to connect mentions saved in different folders.

For example, you may save your mentions in folders according to the specific topics they relate to, but then tag the mentions by the month in which they were generated, by a specific campaign or event that generated the results, or by any other tag that applies to your needs.


Subscription Dashboard Launched

Subscriptions are what you use in Monitoring to pull in mentions of your topics from Twitter, YouTube, Instagram and Facebook.  You can learn more about what Subscriptions are and how to set them up here.

The Subscriptions Dashboard allows you to see just how much social media content you’re pulling in.


Monitoring Coverage Summary Can Now be Customized

Agility enables you to generate and share attractive reports displaying data charts for each of your saved coverage folders, tags or topics. You can select from many different metrics and comparison options, each individually downloadable, select from a wide range of data and include multiple topics and folders to compare the coverage each has generated.

The most recent update to reports is that you can now choose to include any of the metrics on the Coverage Summary section – Total Mentions, Audience Reach and AVE. So, if you don’t need to show AVE, simply edit the chart and deselect that option.

This article will show you how to create a Monitoring Report based on your topic results and saved coverage.

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