February 2019 – Emails on Mobile Devices and More

“em” Font Sizes

“em” font sizes have been added to Agility’s email distribution wizard to help with the display of text size on mobile devices many recipients are likely to be using. This update improves the look and readability massively when readers are opening your email on their phone or tablet. When you’re creating your email distributions, simply choose the “em” font size you desire in the tool-bar of the editor.

em font sizes

Have a look at this article for more information on this feature and learn how to best take advantage of it!

Images Scale to Fit Screen Size

Images are now responsive to the screen size your recipient is using! This improvement is in line with our addition of “em” font sizes as they both improve the readability of your distributed emails, which increases the chances of getting pick up. Together, these features make it easier for journalists and influencers to read your emails. You can see in the example below how big of a difference this makes on an iPhone 8:

scaled images on mobile devices

Dateline Fields Added to Newswire

In November of 2018, we announced the addition of an integrated Newswire feature! This month, we made a small improvement to add a field to complete the dateline of your wire release. This helps you to format your release within Agility so it’s ready to be released quickly by our partners at Accesswire.

dateline in Newswire

Learn more about how to submit Newswires here.

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