February 2023: Multi-language capabilities added to PR CoPilot, and super-quick media list building within Agility Monitoring

Multi-language capabilities added to PR CoPilot™, our AI-powered writing assistant

Further to Agility’s groundbreaking release of PR CoPilot in January, we have now added the ability to generate press releases in 13 languages. This enhancement allows our global users to benefit from the power of AI and save themselves hours when drafting PR content.

As well as specifying key messages, quotes and settings, you can now ask for your release to be written in any of the 13 languages. There is even the power to use key messages written in one language and produce a press release in a second language, as shown below.



Create a targeted media list from your monitoring mentions in seconds

The integration between Agility’s media database and monitoring tools continues each month, and this time we have made it possible to create a targeted list of media contacts from your monitoring results in a matter of seconds.

Within any set of monitoring results, you can now select the Contacts or Outlets button from the right-hand panel and see all of the media that generated your monitored results, and incorporate these contacts into your media targeting. So you very quickly have a targeted list of contacts that you know are covering your content.


Further Monitoring Enhancements

  • Import monitoring mentions and media coverage into your Agility account for briefings and reporting
  • Use source filtering on media coverage alerts to get super-focused email alerts of media coverage in real time
  • Generate URLs to share draft media briefings with stakeholders before they are published



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