January 2019 – Enhancing the Newsroom

Scheduling Newsroom Releases

We have added the capability to schedule Newsroom postings. This is done through the components section of the Newsroom. You can select the day, hour, minute as well as time zone in which you would like the distribution to be posted to the Newsroom.

Tool to schedule newsroom releases

Add Company Logo on Newsroom Releases

The Newsroom feature now allows you to add in a company logo via the company logo block. You select “Company Logo” within the components section and this will prompt the logo to show in the top left corner of the release.

Company logo block in Newsroom

Social Media Buttons now on Newsroom Site

Users now have the capability to share this content through major social media platforms. The buttons will be available in the top left corner underneath the company name. This will allow viewers the option to share information posted within the newsroom via Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and Email.

Social media buttons on Newsroom

Learn more about how to post to the Newsroom here.

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