January 2020 – Improving Briefings and Collaboration

Briefing Metadata

You can now customize which mention data is presented in your briefings.  If you want to exclude a given data point from mentions in your briefing, simply un-check the box.  If you want to include one, check the box.  The data points you can choose from are:

  • Media Type
  • Published Date
  • Outlet
  • AVE
  • Author
  • Audience Reach
  • Sentiment

Agility Briefing Metadata

Newsroom and Newswire Post Visibility

Posts made to the newsroom, as well as newswires sent via Agility, will now be available to all users of an account. This means when your colleague or partner posts a story/release, you will also see it in your account.  We hope this will make collaboration with your team even easier and more efficient!

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