January 2023: Launch of PR CoPilot, Agility’s groundbreaking AI-powered writing assistant, and Social Links in email distribution

Create press releases faster than ever with PR CoPilot™, our AI-powered writing assistant

Agility’s first deployment of 2023 saw us launch what is believed to be the first AI writing assistant built into a fully integrated PR platform.

Within the email distribution module, a user simply inputs a few key messages and in a matter of seconds PR CoPilot creates an initial draft email or press release, saving PR professionals valuable time.

This is a truly groundbreaking achievement by Agility’s engineers, and Agility clients can expect to see us continue to use AI to make their lives easier in the months to come.

See PR CoPilot in action.

Social Links in email distribution

Enabling users to further customise and brand their email communications, and open up further channels with the media, Agility now allows for a Social Links component in our email distribution tool.

Social Links can be added as a component anywhere within an email distribution.


There are 10 social channel logos available, all customisable by colour, links, and design.




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