March 2023: Multiple major enhancements to Agility’s AI-powered PR CoPilot, and easily share your review of Agility

PR CoPilot Refinements

Agility’s PR CoPilot, the first AI-powered content creation tool integrated into a PR platform, now does much more than create original content in seconds.

You can now use PR CoPilot to refine, correct and perfect your existing PR content and media pitches for you to review.

PR CoPilot can check and fix your spelling, make your content concise or expand on the key points, change the tone of your piece, or translate the whole thing into German. You can even give PR CoPilot a custom prompt and it will incorporate your needs into your writing within seconds.


PR CoPilot will expand on your key points and correct your spelling at the same time.


Create your own custom prompt and PR CoPilot will update your content.


Easily review Agility

You can now easily review Agility on the leading independent software review site G2 from within the Agility platform.

Leaving a review means that you get to

  • share your opinion
  • help your peers
  • provide valuable feedback for us to act upon.




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