May 2020 – Further Improvements to Monitoring

Add date range for ad-hoc searching

When performing ad hoc topic searches, you can now specify a date range prior to viewing results.  Find the date range filter at the bottom of the right-hand panel below other filters in the “other search settings” section:

Ad hoc date range


Increased analysis in Reporting

The Geography Breakdown chart now allows you to focus on one individual country and will break the coverage down into regions for you. This gives you insight into which parts of the country are covering your topic the most, allowing you to report in greater detail and to consider adjusting your media targeting accordingly.

Report geography breakdown map


You’re now also given the choice to display actual numbers and/or percentages in all charts.

Report geography breakdown legend numbers

Report geography breakdown legend percent


Subscriptions Media Type icons in Left Panel

We have added icons to your list of subscriptions so you may easily and quickly identify which subscription is for which platform.  Below you can see in each subscription an icon identifying the platform, whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, Twitter or YouTube.

Subscription icons


Critical Mention Integration updated to use HTML5

This month we released an update to how broadcast mentions (video and audio) are viewed in Agility.  As Flash is being phased out over 2020 in most internet browsers, this HTML5 player will ensure continued reliable and user-friendly functionality.

If you used the Flash player previously, you will be very familiar with this new HTML5 player.  Simply click the play button to view the video or listen to the audio.

HTML5 CM result


To make changes and clip the mention, simply click “Open wordplay editor” to do so.  Once your changes have been made, simply click “Archive” and follow the prompts from there.

HTML5 CM player


Keyword filters highlight in different color

Back in February, we released updated filters which appear at the top of your topic results page.  At that time, there was a field created for additional keywords.  Using this keyword feature, you can find mentions of a given keyword within the results of an existing topic.  With this month’s update, when you search for that additional keyword, you’ll find that keyword highlighted in a different color, so it is easier to identify.

Keywords in the original topic will appear highlighted in yellow.  Keywords entered in the ‘Keyword’ filter on the topic results page will appear highlighted in blue.  Take the screenshot below for example, where “New York” is the original topic keyword, and “London” is the keyword entered on the results page.

Filter keyword highlighting


Increased Briefing options allowing for automated sorting for mentions

Briefings in Agility can be organised by using sections, allowing you to display your monitoring mentions in the arrangement that you prefer. Using the Sorting Tool, you can arrange your sections by drag and drop, and do the same with mentions within each section.

Now, rather than manually adding content to your various sections, you can also apply rules to each one, based on the various content filters available in Agility. To apply a rule, simply click the filter option and select from the available options. The example below shows a user organizing their briefing by Online, Broadcast and Print coverage. All without them having to actually organize the individual mentions themselves.

Briefing sorting


Quick Search on Navigation Panel in Monitoring

When in Monitoring, you will now find a search bar at the top of the left-hand navigation panel in each module.  The search bar will allow you to quickly find relevant topics, folders, briefings, reports, alerts or subscriptions, depending which page/module you’re currently viewing.  We hope this is helpful to find content as you find and save more and more mentions in Agility.  See below for a screenshot of how this search looks when viewing topics:

LHP Search


URLs and Hashtags Now Clickable in Briefings

In the last release, an update was made to make links, hashtags and @handles are clickable in Agility.  Now, these will also be clickable in briefings from your email inbox.  This way, from your email, you can now click on a hashtag/@handle in your briefings and be directed to the social platform with the search pre-populated with the hashtag/@handle.

Sample Briefing with Links


Use filters to fine tune your Monitoring Reports

The data source filters in Reporting have been made available to allow you to fine tune your reports even further.

By selecting the filter option when you’re adding a chart to a report you can include and exclude a range of data sources so that each of your charts includes the data most useful to you.

Data Source

In these examples, I have created two coverage trends and used the media type filter to show print coverage on one and online coverage on the other. This allows me to compare how much coverage each media type returned, and when.

Coverage Trend

Here I have used the Coverage by Media Type chart, filtered to use only UK content. I’ll send this to my UK team, and a chart focusing on Canadian content to the team in Canada.

Media Type

In the final example I have filtered to print as the media type so that my chart only shows me the top print outlets by volume.

Outlets by Volume

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