May 2022: Enhanced Monitoring Reporting and Metrics

Domain Authority

Following April’s deployment, in Agility’s Monitor module, you will now see a Moz domain authority score.  Domain Authority is a search engine ranking score that predicts how well a website will rank on search engine result pages (SERPs). A Domain Authority score ranges from 1 to 100, with higher scores corresponding to a greater ability to rank. In your topics and searches, you will see this score under mention information. You can also filter and/or sort mentions by their domain authority score. This will provide you with another data point, giving you more insight, context, and information about your mentions.

Moz Domain Authority Score in Mention Information

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You can now also create a chart for the top outlets by domain authority in your monitoring reports.

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View Media Mentions within Monitoring Reporting

Within any chart in your monitoring reports, you can now hover over any chart segment, click ‘View Mentions’ and see the actual content alongside your charts. The charts remain fully interactive alongside the mention view, which allows you to filter on the attributes of the coverage you have generated and work with your mentions inside the report itself. A huge time saver.

User Preferences

Through the Account menu, you will find a page named User Preferences which was added earlier this year.  Within User Preferences, you can apply default settings for many different tools and features of Agility, such as setting default email distribution footer information.  New this month is the ability to customise the default colours that are applied to your monitoring charts in reporting. More time saved!

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Increased filtering on mentions and report charts

On a set of topic results or saved coverage, you can now apply an easy-to-use Boolean logic to filter on the exact media mentions you want to find from within your complete set of coverage. In the example below, I want to isolate mentions that have the keywords “Discover” OR “Defender” but NOT “Sport”, AND must have “Land Rover”. This enables you to keep a broad topic and maximise your results, while also being able to filter down when you need to.

In reports you can now filter your charts to include mentions within a range of impressions or AVE, and exclude similar mentions 


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