November 2022: Further integration of Agility’s media targeting, monitoring and social listening modules

Agility’s November deployment has further developed the ability for Agility’s media targeting and monitoring functions to show up within each other’s workflows.

For example, you can now begin to use your monitoring results to build a media targeting list. Likewise, users with monitoring and social listening can now see social media metrics and monitoring functions alongside each other.

There have also been a series of updates that make it quicker and easier to update targeting searches, hide or show your saved content on the left hand panels, and duplicate and reuse content. Below are the highlights.

Integrating Media Targeting and Monitoring

  • Within any chart in monitoring reports, you can drill down on the specific mentions behind any data point. Now, users with targeting as well as monitoring can review the media contacts behind their monitoring results, and add them to targeted lists for future outreach. The same functionality will be expanded to monitoring topics soon.

    Media Monitoring and Briefings

    • Enhanced regional filtering on your monitoring results, allowing you to drill down on results by continent and country down to city or county.

    UX Improvements in Discover and Amplify

    • Reset option added to targeting fields
      It is now even easier and faster to do your searches. You can remove all filters from the search page or all filters applied to a specific field by one single and simple click on the Reset/Reset all button.


    • Left Panel – Hide/Show options added
      Following the improvements we made to the left panel in the last deployment (responsiveness to different screen formats and more options in the filter bar), in this release we have added the possibility to hide/unhide searches, lists and distributions that you would like to keep in the platform but that you are not using regularly. This makes your panels easier to use and your priority work quicker to find.
    • Separate First and Last Name fields added to media contact exports

    Social Listening

    • Engagement data on saved social media mentions will continue to update for users with saved coverage in their monitoring folders.

    • Option to add social sources to briefings for Social Listening users with access to monitoring briefings.
    • Ability to customise the colours of each network in coverage charts, allowing you to synchronise with the networks’ colour schemes, or your own branding.

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