October 2018 – Agility’s Newsroom and More

Agility’s Newsroom!

Along with our Newswire offering, we are now able to also offer Agility’s Newsroom, which will allow you to amplify your reach by having online visibility and reach a broader audience, free of charge. This is an amazing part of your membership with Agility, allowing you true amplification to the reach of your messages.  Some benefits are:

• Amplify your messages and press releases
• Add online Reach and visibility
• Help with SEO
• Provide each release with an external URL and sharable Link

The Agility Newsroom is here and a guide to adding your content can be found here.

The Agility Newsroom will undergo several enhancements in the coming months, so your feedback will be most welcome.


Updates to User Account Security

Agility has enhanced the security of each user account, by recognizing attempts at simultaneous logins to the same account on different devices. These enhancements are twofold. Firstly, due to data security priorities, and in the spirit of further protecting data security and following recently imposed legal obligations (e.g. GDPR), Agility will not allow two simultaneous logins to the same username/login. Secondly, this is in accordance with each client’s terms and conditions, allowing the allotted number of subscribed users to access their account. If you need additional logins for your team, please let us know.

If you encounter a message saying that your account is already in use, you have 3 simple options:

• Log out of the original session (if you have access to the device)
• Wait no more than 30 minutes for the original session to automatically end
• Change your password, which will automatically end the original session


“Number of Mentions” Added to Pie Charts on Monitoring Results Page

The number of mentions per data set is now shown alongside the share of voice on the monitoring pie charts.

Breakdown with Mentions


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