October 2019 – Advancing Agility’s New Monitoring

Instagram and YouTube Added as Content Sources

Agility has added Instagram and YouTube to our social sources alongside Twitter and Facebook. Our help article will help you to track any coverage from the hundreds of millions of posts we track each month.

Social Sharing of Mentions

You can now instantly and easily share any mentions you generate in Agility’s new monitoring platform using your Facebook, Twitter or LinkedIn account or email. Learn more here.

Case Sensitive Searching

Agility’s search functions can now respect the difference between upper- and lower-case letters in your topic’s keywords. If your search uses a word that is very commonly used in day-to-day writing and broadcast, for example, when searching the retail brands ‘Next’ or ‘Boots’, case sensitive searching helps you avoid generating any ‘noise’ or mentions that you don’t need.

Additional Reporting Available

Agility enables you to generate and share attractive reports displaying data charts for each of your saved coverage folders or topics. You can select from many different metrics and comparison options, each individually downloadable, select from a wide range of data and include multiple topics and folders to compare the coverage each has generated. New reports are being made available every month. In October we deployed the following:

  • Coverage summary chart for total mentions
  • Total AVE for folders
  • Total reach chart folders

More on reporting here.

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