September 2020 – Briefing Templates

Briefing Templates

Agility has introduced the ability to save and use templates for your monitoring briefings, and we will be building on this feature in the coming weeks.


There is now the option to use Agility’s selection of system templates, which we will be growing, allowing you to create a briefing with the design and section headers created for you.

Briefing Header

You will also be able to create and save your own templates which will retain all the settings that you apply to customise your briefings – sections, layout, custom style, filters, metadata etc.

Copying past briefings remains an option if you need to re-use or tweak content and design, and the Quick Create option is still there to specify the sources, date range and section/mention organization for your briefing quickly.

Template Create

Look out for further deployments which will include more templates and allow users to select exactly which settings and content get saved in a template.


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