September – The next generation of Agility Outreach has arrived

Agility has this month launched a brand new version of Agility Outreach.

This new release for media and influencer targeting delivers simplified workflows, access to more information, modern content creation tools, and AI-assisted features. Tests have shown that common tasks can be completed 57% quicker in the new platform than previously. So you can now perfect your media outreach faster and generate earned media coverage more effectively, resulting in improved ROI for you and your organization.

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The new release of Agility and its enhanced capabilities will be available to all Outreach clients at no additional cost. Speak to your Account Manager or email agilitysupport@agilitypr.com to get started.

 Key upgrades and features you can look forward to with Agility’s new Outreach platform include:

  • Seamless and consistent integration among media targeting, media monitoring, and media analytics modules
  • Geo-location targeting enabling search to be reduced or expanded by region
  • Enriched media profiles to drive better targeting for earned media
  • AI-enabled tools to keep targeting lists updated
  • Deeper list building integration between private contacts and media searches
  • AI-powered news release assistant to drive improved opens and visibility
  • Pre-built email templates and best practice workflows that make content creation easier, and improve deliverability and open rates


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