September 2022: Enhancements across Media Monitoring, Reporting, Targeting and Social Listening

Agility’s development team has had a busy summer! Following the launch of Social Listening, we have begun to introduce new features, as well as continuing to make improvements to media monitoring, reporting and email distribution.

You can read the full introduction to  Social Listening here. This month, we have added the following:

  • The ability to drill down on tweets, retweets, quotes and replies in Twitter
  • The option to export your social media mentions to use in your own custom way
  • Word Clouds displaying most used hashtags and handles in Reporting


Media Monitoring

Your monitoring briefings can now highlight the keywords that generate your media coverage mentions. So, when you and your colleagues receive your daily email briefings, you will instantly be guided to the mention of your company, representative, product etc. You can switch this setting on for your automated briefings, or ask Agility Support to handle it for you.

Agility’s AVE metric is now available in currencies from around the world. Users can update their preferences, and from then on all instances of AVE will be presented in their chosen currency.


Email distributions

You can now further customize your email footers, allowing you to align your entire email with the customs of your industry and country, or your organisation’s individual style preferences. You can customize the content, colour and positioning of your footers, while retaining the essential fields to allow us all to comply with email distribution legislation.

If you prefer to track and measure link clicks and email opens yourself, or simply not to collect that information from your audience at all, you can now switch off click tracking and open tracking within Agility. Click and Open Tracking will be enabled by default, and if you switch either off you must be aware that you won’t see these metrics in your distribution report.

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