What’s New in Agility?

December 2018 – Enhancing Newswire

Building on the Newswire feature recently released, you can now include multiple images and text blocks, as well as videos. This allows you to customize your release even more to get the most out of your Newswire. Read more.

November 2018 – Introducing Amplify

Amplify makes it easier for you to earn media coverage, a key goal for both agency professionals and PR practitioners. It also reflects our passion to consistently deliver more value for your investment and provide an all-in-one solution to meet your PR needs. Read more.

October 2018 – Agility’s Newsroom and More

Agility’s Newsroom will give you a place to host your release, a link to share your story through social media, and another way for people to hear your message!  In addition to that, updates have been made to the navigation and more improvements to Monitoring.  Read more.

September 2018 – New Subjects for Agility’s Database

This month, we’re happy to announce a number of new subjects in Agility’s database. This will make it easier to find even more relevant contacts for your releases! Read more.

August 2018 – Reporting of Audience Reach Over Time

When creating Topic Coverage Reports in Agility, you can now include “Audience Reach Over Time” as a metric. Read More.

July 2018 – Enhancements to Reporting and More

With this update, we made Influencer Streams a little more friendly, added a new metric to the Topic Coverage Reports, updated our Terms and Conditions in light of GDPR, and more!  Read more.

June 2018 – New Mail Merge Option

A small one, but a good one! You now have the option to include a prefix when using mail merge options in your distributions.  Read more.

May 2018 – Facebook Monitoring

Agility now offers Facebook as a source to your monitored topics! If you use Agility for monitoring, this functionality will allow you to see results from over 10 million news and industry influencer Facebook pages. Read more.

April 2018 – Instagram on Engage

Agility now offers Instagram as a source for content you see on your “Influencer Streams” on the Engage tab! This allows you to see Instagram posts of the journalists and influencers you choose to follow. Read more.

March 2018 – Wildcards in Monitoring

Wildcards can assist with several common monitoring scenarios that you may run into.  It will allow you to account for the possibility of alternate spelling of certain keywords in a given topic, especially to save on characters being used in the overall topic setup. Read more.

February 2018 – AI-powered Image Monitoring

We’ve gone beyond text-only monitoring with AI-powered image search capabilities, to match the increasing prominence of images within the news & give the full picture of coverage. Learn the ways users can take advantage of this first-of-its-kind feature. Read more.

January 2018 – Summary of Recent Features

We’re recapping some of the newest features and enhancements added to ensure our users get heaps of value from our tools and constantly evolve as communications. Get the details on our keyword targeting search, our new live support chat, and other exciting enhancements. Read more.

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