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Use Agility’s Quick Search function to quickly look up a contact or outlet.

What is the quick search?

Agility’s quick search function allows you to quickly look up a person or outlet. For example, if you visit a tradeshow and meet a contact there that you would like to look up later, simply use the quick search to do so.

As you key in your search term, it will autocomplete with the most relevant results. The quick search is best used for one-to-one or one-to-few communications, whereas using People & Outlets under Research is best for creating media targeting lists containing several contacts.

How do I use the quick search?

In the quick search field near the upper right of the screen, start to key in a term for a person or outlet. As you type, the search will autocomplete and bring up a list of relevant matches.

The results that appear will be based on your default geographical preferences. For example, if you are based in New York City, you can set up a preference so that you are only shown results that fall within this location.

From the results, you can:

  • edit your geographical preferences, or set them if you have not done so yet
  • click “View All” to see all contacts or outlets that match your search term(s); you’ll be taken to the search screen in People & Outlets where you can use advanced filters to refine your search
  • launch a topic coverage search (Agility Plus accounts only)

How does the autocomplete work?

Autocomplete starts working after you type only one letter, and supports full names, partial names, partial outlet plus contact name (e.g., “Wall Street” and “Walt”), Twitter handles and email addresses.

For contacts, keying in letters will autocomplete terms based first on an alphabetical match, and then on relevancy to the search term. For example, if you type in “Joh,” it will first autocomplete “Johanna,” then “John” then “John Smith.” If you actually type in “John Smith” and there are 12 John Smiths in our system, terms will be listed in order of prominence (based on circulation) of the outlet associated with that contact.

For outlets, keying in letters will autocomplete terms based first on relevancy to the search term, and then by prominence (circulation).

Where can I set up my geographical preferences?

Go to the Account dropdown menu at the far top right of your screen and click General Preferences.

From here, you can select and save your geographical preferences. Learn more about General Preferences.

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