With May flowers in bloom, Bulldog Reporter continued its own growth with a strong month of content. Our trend and strategy coverage merited robust returns as usual, with ever-popular topics leading the way like capitalizing on media coverage, the rising import of multicultural marketing, the brand threat of not operating sustainably, why social proof is the ultimate PR strategy in 2022, dealing with reputational crisis, and the best types of video to boost your content marketing strategy.

We also had some high traffic for more newsy posts, tackling topics like doing PR in time of war, the impact of Web 3.0 on public relations, what an Elon Musk-owned Twitter could mean for PR, and how one firm is fighting for human rights with Roe vs. Wade threatened. In case you missed a few of these, they are neatly bundled here for your reading enjoyment. Congrats to all the 2022 graduates, summer’s almost here!

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3 ways to capitalize on media coverage

Generating positive media coverage is just one step that companies need to take in their campaigns. There are plenty of ways in which they can capitalize further on initial media coverage.

PR in time of war: How energy communications became part of the Ukrainian war effort

Our PR firm never imagined that our strategy plan would need to undergo a fundamental change in such a short space of time, and that our main focus would become to support Ukraine.

Why multicultural marketing is no longer an afterthought

To have success in cultivating authentic connections with multicultural audiences, brands must commit the time, research and dollars necessary to create appropriate programs, products, and campaigns.

3 ways Web 3.0 will impact public relations

Web 3.0 going to have a big impact on the public relations industry, from the media that’s going to be used to reach customers, to the ways campaigns are going to be personalized, and more.

What could Elon Musk’s Twitter takeover mean for PR professionals?

Twitter is on track for a full-scale transformation in the wake of Elon Musk’s shareholder deal. How will this change the Twitter experience for consumers and companies and their branded content?

7 in 10 would change their shopping habits after learning a brand isn’t operating sustainably

About half of consumers believe responsibility for implementing sustainable practices falls on businesses, as opposed to government regulators—showcasing that the era of retail responsibility for sustainable initiatives is in full swing.

Why social proof is the ultimate PR strategy to get onboard with in 2022 and beyond

In this post, we look at what social proof is and see how it can be implemented in a social proof strategy that will get your public relations operation motoring and your sales soaring. 

Roe v. Wade: Progressive PR strikes back to protect human rights

Politico’s scoop on SCOTUS reminded me of that feeling of losing a schoolyard fight. I knew that if I was feeling this anxious, then the women of my company—and all women—must be feeling worse.

8 steps to take to deal with a reputational crisis

Navigating a crisis is a nightmare for any PR manager. Due to social media sites, crises become more frequent as even a minor adverse event can snowball. Here are 8 steps to protect your reputation.

7 types of videos to boost your content marketing strategy

Understanding the role that a video plays in your overall content marketing push is essential to make the right choices since matching the right videos to your goals helps you get the results you are after.