The year is rolling merrily along, and Bulldog Reporter traffic is in high gear as we get closer to summer. A few news and research reports made it into our top echelon of posts in April—including a new survey tracking Gen Z brand preferences and spending trends, and a big-picture research study of the latest tech trends and what they have in common—but the pack was definitely led by our contributors last month.

The wide variety of topics our contributing writers tackled in April included tips for boosting job satisfaction, PR best practices for social media writing, the secret to powerful healthcare PR, tips for creating a winning PR report, the ways PR and influencer marketing work together during crisis, ways that AI can boost content marketing efforts, an overview of the evolving fashion PR landscape, and tips for building relationships with multicultural media.

In case you missed a few of these, here are our Top 10 posts from April. Enjoy the May flowers!

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8 important tips for boosting job satisfaction at your organization

In the current job market with historically low unemployment rates, it’s imperative for organizations to go above and beyond to create a workplace that employees are eager to stay in. Here are 8 tips for doing so.

The secret to powerful healthcare PR: It’s all about the patient story 

As the dust settles and we slowly enter a post-pandemic society, what does the future hold for healthcare PR? And how can PR pros crack the tricky code that is healthcare media? Here’s the secret you should know.

Writing for social media: 3 best practices for PR professionals 

Whether it’s to promote your CSR initiative or to save your reputation during a PR crisis, writing for social media is an important skill for public relations. Here are 3 best practices to help you nail social media writing.

Creating a client-dazzling PR report—3 elements you must include 

PR reports are one of your most vital tools in developing a good relationship with your clients. How do you ensure that yours dazzles them and makes them confident in continuing to use your services? Here are 3 tips.

New Gen Z research reveals brand preferences, spending trends for today’s teens 

This longstanding survey looks at the discretionary spending trends and brand preferences among today’s teens, revealing a wealth of information for brand marketers targeting this demographic. Take a look.

4 ways PR and influencer marketing work together during crisis 

Something as simple as a wrongly-worded social media post could hurt your brand’s reputation permanently. And that’s why it’s essential to combine PR and influencer marketing to reduce the extent of damage.

5 powerful ways AI can boost your content marketing strategy 

By discovering the numerous applications of AI, you will gain insights on how to reap the benefits of incorporating AI technology in your content marketing efforts, leading to improved results and efficiency. 

Tech vision 2023: Cloud, metaverse and AI define a bold new future as physical and digital merge 

New research explores tech trends underpinning the convergence of the physical and digital, as businesses look to accelerate enterprise reinvention in the here and now—and identifies 4 trends key to unlocking this new shared reality.

Does traditional fashion PR still have a place in an evolving industry landscape? 

Fashion PR was once a critical aspect of the industry, but the fashion media, and fashion model, is evolving—and consequently, fashion PR is changing. Does it still serve a valuable purpose? Here’s where we are now.

Relationship building is the key to connecting with multicultural media: 5 tips for doing it right 

To be successful with multicultural media, you need to know what their audiences care about. Who do they trust? “Positive storytelling” is critical, and a commitment to building relationships. Here are 5 tips.