We think the Agility team is made up of some pretty impressive people! Our international crew is comprised of hard workers with inquisitive minds who are excited to improve PR practices through data and technology.

You deserve the chance to get to know the crew! This is the second post in a blog series designed to give you an insider’s view into Agility and to introduce you to the people behind the PR platform. Subscribe to the blog to make sure you meet the rest of the brilliant minds at Agility! 

Without further ado, meet Erica Watson!

How long have you been at Agility?

I have been at Agility for a year and a half.  

What is your role and what team are you part of at Agility?

My role is Director of Account Management.  

What’s your favorite thing about working at Agility?

My team is the best part of working at Agility! I feel very fortunate to work alongside so many talented, committed, fun, and hardworking individuals. They come every day ready to give their absolute best to our customers, Agility, and each other.  

Do you have any advice for new employees starting at Agility?

Don’t be afraid to ask questions! I would suggest asking to join teammates calls to continue to learn and develop your skillset. 

What are some skills you’ve gained working at Agility?  

Fahrenheit to Celsius conversions 😉  

What’s your favorite digital tool to use at work? 

I have a love-hate relationship with Salesforce. I’m not sure if favorite would be the right word but I spend a ton of time using it as an Account Manager. 

Slack is surely my actual favorite! With the Account Management team spread across the UK, Canada, and US it is a great way to keep us all connected.  

What’s your favorite work snack or beverage?   

Coffee is my favorite drink, and popcorn is my snack of choice.

Erica’s dog keeps her company while working from home

How do you stay connected with your coworkers while remote? 

We use Slack primarily, but we also have a monthly account management team building session. Each month we hold a team ‘coffee talk’ where the host is a team member, and the game or topics of the session is owned by them. We have done everything from escape rooms to costume contests to emoji Pictionary. It’s a great way to decompress and have a good laugh together.  

What’s your favorite after-work or weekend activity?   

I love spending time with my family, traveling, and riding horses.

Erica horseback riding

What’s the best part of your day?

The highlight of my day is when my five-year-old comes home from school and gives me a ‘monster hug’. 

Erica kayaking with her daughter