Of course, January is a time for looking ahead and looking back, and Bulldog Reporter’s top posts during the month were no exception. The lion’s share of our leading posts catered to this theme, forecasting PR and marketing trends likely to shape communications this year, and applying an analytical eye to the best and worst of 2022.

Top trendcasting posts addressed 2023 predictions for boosting ROI with direct marketing and tips for optimizing your public relations in the year ahead, while another looked back at the top travel PR campaigns of last year. Other 2023-themed pieces included an overview of Edelman’s latest and bleakest Trust Barometer, and Frank Strong’s “interview” with ChatGPT about the meaning and purpose of PR, as well as the key challenges facing the industry.

Additional posts tackled evergreen issues like how to use social listening tools to boost your brand awareness, reputation-damaging influencer marketing mistakes to avoid, and how effective PR can boost marketing performance. And then of course there’s Prince Harry’s reputation struggles. In case you missed any of these, you can check them out here. Hang in there, spring’s on the way!

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4 direct marketing trends positioned to boost ROI in 2023

While challenges will certainly arise, savvy marketers will adopt innovative tactics and optimize their spend to enhance 2023 marketing strategies. Here are 4 trends showing promise for the upcoming year.

7 awesome travel PR campaigns of 2022

There’s a lot of rivalry for customers’ attention among the many travel agents, airlines, and hotels out there. And may campaigns simply fail to pique interest. Here are seven awesome travel PR campaigns of 2022.

An “interview” with ChatGPT: What is public relations? How has PR changed? Will AI replace comms pros?

Conversational AI model ChatGPT was recently “interviewed” about public relations—what it is, how it’s changed, how it differs from marketing, top PR challenges, and more. How did the bot do? Take a look.

3 trends to watch in 2023 that will optimize your public relations

For the PR industry, this year presents an opportunity to usher in even bigger creative ideas, streamline data and reporting and continue helping brands reach their target audience. Here are three trends to watch.

5 influencer marketing mistakes that can hurt your brand and reputation

Leveraging influencer marketing for brand PR is only effective when executed well. Check out these 5 influencer marketing mistakes and learn how to avoid them to create a campaign for stellar results.

2023 Edelman Trust Barometer: Business is the only institution viewed as ethical and competent

“In Business We Trust:” this is the key finding of the newly released 2023 Edelman Trust Barometer, the research for which found that business is now viewed as the only global institution to be both competent and ethical.

5 ways to use social listening tools to enhance brand awareness

Social listening tools provide strategists with exceptional insights about audiences and the conversations they’re having. But you can also use social listening to improve your brand’s awareness and image.

8 ways public relations can boost your marketing performance

Using PR is a great way to boost your marketing performance and digital sales. In this post, we’ll discuss which public relations strategies can help you improve your marketing performance based on your needs.

Public support for the royal family holds firm—but will Prince Harry’s reputation ever recover?

Prince Harry’s tell-all autobiography has become the UK’s fastest-selling nonfiction book ever, thanks in part to some shocking allegations against senior members of the royal family. Can his reputation ever recover?

3 in 4 marketers view economic downturn as opportunity—many are redirecting Twitter spend

Amid concerns of a recession, businesses are seeing a strategic opportunity to gain market share through increased marketing spend—and many marketers are reallocating budget away from digital on the heels of Twitter shakeup.