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The World Coal Association (WCA) was preparing for a communications strategy refresh and required a report that would break down its media coverage from over the past year.  

Prior experiences with other vendors and agencies had resulted in data inaccuracies and reports that were difficult to understand. In late 2021, the WCA turned to Agility PR Solutions for media intelligence services that would help them understand their positioning within the coal industry and inform their upcoming strategy session. 


The WCA and Agility’s professional relationship began with collaboration and discussion. The WCA wanted to understand specific trends in its media coverage. Agility wanted to understand the WCA’s intent and expectations for the report, which pushed the WCA to consider what they were looking to achieve strategically in the next year. 

After this initial collaboration, Agility developed a solution: a custom Media Coverage Report that would break down a year’s worth of global coverage by region, media sentiment, and key themes. 

Agility’s Media Insights Group combined the high-quality data retrieved from Agility Monitoring with media analysis to give a clear and nuanced view of the WCA’s performance and perception in the media globally and regionally. 

Elements of the report included: 

  • Coverage trend: High level overview of mentions and impressions over the year. 
  • Media sentiment (globally): Total sentiment by volume along with sentiment drivers. 
  • Key themes (globally): Three major key themes across global coverage with links to related mentions. 
  • Coverage breakdown by top 10 publications by potential impressions and top 10 journalists by number of mentions. 
  • Regional breakdown: Exploration of coverage by region, including total sentiment by volume, total mentions, total impressions and key themes with links to related mentions. 


A member of the WCA called the final report, “exactly what the doctor ordered” while another said the report “will help hugely in our forthcoming strategy session.” The quality and depth of the Media Coverage Report allowed the WCA to focus their media approach for the coming year and provided them with improved insight for better business strategy and in turn, better business outcomes.  

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The World Coal Association is a global association committed to building a sustainable future for global coal through clean coal usage, technology, and innovation. Their work on behalf of members across the coal value chain includes government advocacy, policy, media, and industry representation. 



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