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We’re proud of what we do, but client results are what get us excited. We help thousands of PR pros generate and monitor media coverage, measure results, and demonstrate the value of their efforts.

Find out why PR professionals are choosing our media database and monitoring tools over Cision.

G2 Crowd is a peer-to-peer, business solutions review platform. Scores are determined by verified peer reviews and can’t be moderatedaltered or paid for by the vendor. G2 is unbiased and objective so you can make the best decision for you. 

We’re proud of the scores we have on G2, but we’re even more proud knowing that they’re given to us by happy clients that have made our solutions part of their business. 

Agility vs Cision
Users have their say

Source: g2.com January, 2021

Our users love us!

Here are some real words from real clients in a few areas we think you’ll care about:

Quality of support

“The customer service team goes above and beyond”
– Sarah S, G2 Crowd

Ease of setup

“So easy to use, there is nothing to dislike”
– User in PR and Communications, G2 Crowd

Ease of use

“We like having a partner who is willing to be innovative in how they work with us”
– Chris T, G2 Crowd

Source: g2.com June 9th, 2020

The on-boarding process with Agility PR Solutions was incredible. I always had a person I could talk with who would help me at any time. That said, I very rarely needed to reach out to ask for help because the dashboard is so intuitive.
Jaymie Shook

Director of Marketing Communications, Wheaton World Wide Moving

Agility enables us to target media contacts and influencers with pinpoint accuracy, ensuring our clients get the right exposure in places that deliver the greatest impact.
Colin Hallmark

Managing Partner, 3:nine Communications

We’re a leader in media and influencer targeting!

G2 momentum grid

The Media and Influencer Targeting Grid by  G2 scores products based on user reviews and data collected from online sources and social networks. Once again, our clients have rated us as a “Leader” in this space. To say we’re grateful would be an understatement.
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