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You like to be regularly informed on your organization’s or clients’ presence in the media. Perhaps you use quarterly or bi-weekly reports in board presentations, or to help you make strategic decisions based on the conversation surrounding your organization or clients.

You do like to get into some detail, especially when it comes to metrics and insights. And you like having a tool at your disposal that you can turn to in instances where you do need more regular or in-depth media monitoring, on top of your regularly scheduled reports and check-ins. Maybe you’ve launched a campaign that requires closer attention to determine its success, or your company goes through a crisis and you need media monitoring to inform your company’s response.

Your Solution: Self-Serve Tool or Professional Services

If you’ve got the staff and resources, this is something that could be done on your own, but if not, you may need some outside support in “peak” times or if your company receives high volumes of coverage.  You or a professional media monitoring solution can put together monthly or quarterly reports that will highlight the most important information that you need to know. The benefit of having a professional service do this for you, is it allows you to spend all your time on strategy, and none of it on the nitty-gritty of weeding through media mentions. And at any point, if you require deeper insight or heightened media monitoring activity, you’ve got a partner to rely on (ideally around the clock) to help you achieve your specific goals.

Whether or not you decide to use a self-serve tool or a professional service will depend largely on your company’s volume of coverage and available resources when it comes to staffing, time, and finances.

How to Step Up Your Game

If you’re not already, you might want to try:

  • Setting up automated alerts that give you a daily summary of relevant coverage so that you’re always fully informed
  • Regular media monitoring of competitors and industry to help make smarter decisions when it comes to strategic planning
  • Using media monitoring to support research required for things like SWOT analyses or perception audits to gain a thorough understanding of the environment your organization is operating in
  • Getting in touch with your provider’s support team to make sure you’re getting the most out of your monitoring and reporting

Want to create your own custom metrics or make the most of your monitoring habits?