We’re doing things at Agility PR Solutions. Always doing things. Bigger, better, faster, all that stuff.

Here’s a taste of what we’ve been working on recently and what’s coming down the pipe.

A better way to do outreach

Allow us to introduce the newest features of the Agility database: Influencer Streams and keyword search capabilities.

Influencer Streams brings you a real-time rush of social messages from relevant journalists – not just anyone with a handle – so you can identify those hard-to-find influencers writing about niche topics and add them to your contact lists. And to keep the noise down so you can get the most relevant posts from the most relevant sources, we don’t include just any old social platform; since Twitter is the social site more journalists choose, Twitter is what Influencer Streams brings you.

Screenshot of Influencer Streams in action

Influencer Streams in action

Keyword search likewise makes it so much easier to find the influencers your brand is after. Instead of relying on beats or outlets, this simple search function will scan the billions of articles in our repository to show you all the influencers – not just traditional journalists – who cover the topics that matter to you.

Influencer Streams and keyword search bring you closer to finding and connecting with the influencers who will make sure your message gets heard by the right people.

A better way to do support

Yet another new feature this month (we’re on a serious roll) is our live support chat.

No longer do you need to rely on email (though we’re amazingly quick when it comes to responding on that channel too) – whenever you have a question, concern, or comment of any kind, simply click on the chat icon at the bottom-right of the screen, and immediately be put in touch with one of our super pleasant support reps.

They’re polite, professional, well groomed, and all-around delightful…and oh! they know our solutions inside and out.

A special something for you

To celebrate the one-year anniversary of bringing Agility into our family of solutions, we actually want to celebrate you, our clients.

That’s why, for a very limited time, we’re offering our existing clients 4 months free when they renew for 2 years.

You like savings? You like excellent products at discounted prices?

To learn more – or to straight up sign the renewal right away – contact your Agility account manager the second you finish this sentence.

A special something for you x2

As a thank you, we’re giving all our clients a subscription to the best of Bulldog Reporter. Every week, you’ll get a summary of the best content from PR experts and industry thought leaders – content you can’t find anywhere else – on all things PR, comms, and marketing. You’ll also get first crack at our Industry Insights webinar series, where experts from around the world share tips, best practices, and their personal experiences putting them into action.

You’re busy. You need a simple way to stay on top of your PR game. A weekly summary of the best of Bulldog Reporter is a sensational way to do that.

To see what Bulldog Reporter regularly offers up, visit our PR News page.

And now for something completely different

The Bulldog Awards are baaaaaack. If your agency has done something special this year, if you’ve made a major difference in the life of a client’s brand in 2017, we want to hear from you and we want to recognize you.

On December 15, the Bulldog PR Awards will open for entry, and we want you to enter any or all of the 37 categories.

You know what an award win means: recognition from your peers; proof that you’re making an impact; and the promise of more business when word gets out.

Go here to learn more.