Modular Sofa Startup Burrow Taps Diffusion as AOR

by | Jan 5, 2018

Burrow, the reverse-engineered high-end sofa company offering modular, customizable coucheshas named Diffusion as its public relations agency of record. Burrow fixes the broken furniture industry by building a new product category that delivers clever, comfortable, luxury furniture.

Diffusion’s integrated communications campaign for Burrow will focus on telling the Burrow evolution story, building the company’s overall brand awareness, spotlighting the company and founder’s unique entrepreneurial story and continued success. The campaign will also underscore the headaches associated with furniture-buying, positioning Burrow as the answer to the future of furni-tech and one of the few companies successfully bucking the industry status quo, offering luxury furniture at an affordable price point with an unmatched customer experience.

Developed by founders Stephen Kuhl and Kabeer Chopra while they were students at Wharton Business School, Burrow started out as an idea in an entrepreneurship class. Frustrated by the experience of trying to order a sofa from a traditional furniture store that would take 12 weeks to ship, the pair set out to tackle the too-long wait times for luxury furniture as well as the widely experienced struggle of maneuvering a full couch into a living space. The answer? Reverse engineering a modular sofa to ship in standard shipping boxes and fit together with minimal effort.

Now a mere eight months post their initial launch, Burrow has successfully moved their manufacturing entirely to the US, launched a new furniture line, and have grown more than 20 percent month over month. Leveraging Burrow’s engaging startup story backed by their measured success, Diffusion’s campaign will help Burrow emerge as a leader among both key consumer and business press.

Stephen Kuhl, Co-founder of Burrow, commented: “Burrow is taking on the task of refreshing an industry that’s truly out of date when it comes to a ‘seamless customer experience.’ When it came to finding an agency, we were confident we could find a group that could successfully pitch an innovative product like ours, but it was more important to find someone that would understand our mission and vision as well. Diffusion not only proved their media mastery in the consumer space, assuring they could get us the media we wanted, but they also went above and beyond to understand our story and core values—that’s what put them above the rest.”

Kate Ryan, U.S. Managing Director at Diffusion, commented: “We see a lot of players in the consumer tech space claiming to ‘disrupt’ their respective industries, but it’s rare to find a company that truly does. Burrow is an example of a company that has the guts to actually turn an archaic industry on its head by creating an entirely new product category. We’re huge believers in the potential Burrow has to completely re-invent how we buy and get furniture delivered, and our PR campaign will match consumer desire for a better furniture buying experience with a behind-the-scenes look at the innovative approach Burrow continues to take as they expand their product line.”

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