Monetate Expands Product Strategy Team with Three New Hires

by | Sep 24, 2018

Monetate, a leader in personalization, announced it has expanded its product strategy team. The three new hires—Scott Reynolds, Kevin Luo, and Tim Jeremicz—hail from leading ecommerce and innovative SaaS companies and bring world-class expertise to helping global brands bring innovative new approaches to their personalization strategies.

Monetate continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in personalization. The Monetate Intelligent Personalization Engine analyzes more than one million data points per sub-second to help brands make more informed decisions about how to engage with their customers on an individual basis—whether via a product recommendation, creative treatment, special offer, or dynamic copy. These recommendations are delivered in sub-second time frames and within the context of all that a brand knows about a consumer, making for one of the most powerful personalized customer experiences possible. As a testament to the company’s innovative approach, Monetate has been recognized as an industry leader by two leading analyst firms in recent months.

To maintain and grow this leadership position, product strategy will remain a pivotal focus for Monetate. All three new hires will report directly to the recently-appointed Vice President of Product, Shikhin Agarwal. More specifically:

  • Reynolds, director of product management, is market and customer-focused, working to discover market needs and key challenges, drive product prioritization, and introduce new products to market and expand Monetate’s personalization platform. Prior to joining Monetate, Reynolds was senior director of product at Scala.
  • Luo, lead product manager, is responsible for the strategy, innovation, roadmap and enhancing user delight across omnichannel products. Luo will collaborate with engineering, user experience and other internal product experts to understand and solve for market needs. Luo was previously senior product manager at Web.com.
  • Jeremicz, director, program management, will take the lead on improving and delivering product roadmaps, leveraging agile methodologies to align with overall corporate strategy and goals. The resulting process will include a team-driven cadence of planning, communication, and execution. Jeremicz was previously the director of operations at LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

“The talents and leadership of our new hires allow us to advance our R&D faster, thus accelerating the company’s strategy,” said Shikhin. “Our goal at Monetate is help our customers drive the best and most personalized engagements possible to build trusted relationship with their customers. Our recent momentum shows tremendous traction toward this goal. I am thrilled to lead this team of product strategists to help our clients transform complex data strategies into meaningful actions as the landscape grows even more challenging for brands.”

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