Next up in Mower’s webinar Series: “10 Ways Success Planning Drives Efficiency”

by | Jun 5, 2020

As part of its “Doing More with Less” webinar series, Mower’s marketing experts are here with the tips, tricks and insights you need to drive your business forward. All it takes is 30 minutes and Zoom.

Webinar #3: “10 Ways Success Planning Drives Efficiency” will take place on Wed, June 10th at 1pm.

Join John Leibrick, Vice President—Insight Director, and Erinn Newman, Senior Vice President—Insight, for information on:

  • The 10 factors of a Success Plan
  • The importance of aligning marketing to business outcomes
  • Types of efficiencies you can expect to gain

Those interested in participating can sign up here.

Looking ahead, Webinar #4, “How Good Insights Make Great Creative” is scheduled for Wed, June 24th at 1pm.

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