Privateum Partners with Luna PR to Promote New FinTech Crypto Platform

by | Aug 13, 2021

Privateum Initiative (PVM), the only private, secure, global, and sustainable financial crypto platform announced its partnership with Luna PR, an award-winning PR and marketing agency. Luna PR will raise Privateum’s visibility and strengthen its brand as it releases its new products and launches on various exchanges.

“We are very excited to engage Luna PR and work with a full-stack digital marketing agency that has helped many new companies like HuoboiPaxfuleToroNexoEverRise, and more,” said Alex Shtern, Co-Founder and CEO of Privateum. “We believe that Privateum is ready to go from a deep tech financial initiative to a mainstream fintech crypto platform and Luna PR is the right partner to handle all aspects of our public relations and brand hypergrowth.”

Privateum is an innovative financial crypto platform that allows legal, quick, safe, and secure transactions between all parties. There are two key components of Privateum that make it unique in the market. First, its unique cooperative business model where it connects individuals, businesses, and other cooperatives under one legal umbrella. Privateum has created the crypto market’s first financial platform to integrate banks, insurance companies, borrowers, lenders, stores, small business to medium and large enterprises, all within one global ecosystem.

Second, Privateum has developed a proprietary privacy and security infrastructure that protects all those in the cooperative. Privateum’s Zero Trust(™) and Encrypt Everything, Know Nothing(™) technology is so secure that no one has access to member or transaction data, not even Privateum. The Privateum Ghost Network(™) safeguards all data 24/7/365 on a secured private blockchain protected network. Privateum’s architecture is based on the Proof of Authority (PoA) consensus algorithm. Visit Privateum’s Medium blog to learn how Privateum’s adoption of PoA is solving wasteful energy consumption and sustainability problems related to crypto mining.

PVM represents one of the most impressive financial platforms and cryptocurrencies we’ve encountered since launching in 2017,” said Nikita Sachdev, Founder and CEO of Luna PR. “We’re excited to partner with Privateum and help them launch their new innovations globally, list PVM on leading exchanges, and to work with a team of seasoned and senior financial professionals with a proven track record.”

The crypto and blockchain space is at the brink of saturation, making it highly competitive. Every project, new or existing, has to efficiently market its products and services to stay ahead of the game and ensure a successful future. Bringing together Privateum’s innovations with Luna PR’s experienced marketers is a team built for success. The Privateum Initiative started two years ago when a team of bankers, financial and legal experts, crypto technologists, and software leaders came together to focus on privacy in assets management and crypto processing.

“We were shocked and disturbed that governments and institutions quickly started invading privacy and creating unnecessary obstacles for those adopting cryptocurrencies,” said Gevorg Airapetian, Co-Founder and CTO of Privateum. “So we set out to build a platform and products with innovations focused on privacy and security to protect those honest individuals, high integrity organizations, and purpose-driven companies dedicated to one enduring idea: improving and adopting the world-changing power of crypto by bringing enterprise solutions to the blockchain ecosystem.”

To learn more about how Privateum and Luna PR are collaborating to bring innovations to market, please join them on Telegram.

About Privateum

Privateum is an innovative financial crypto platform that brings together legal entities, financial partners and individuals. It provides its members with a secure and private way of exchanging funds, services and goods within its cooperative ecosystem operating on Binance Smart Chain and private Ethereum network. Know more about Privateum, visit their WebsiteTwitterMedium, and Telegram

About Luna PR

Luna PR is an award-winning advisory, marketing, and public relations agency started by Nikita Sachdev in 2017. The company is a full-stack digital marketing agency established in Dubai that has clients spanning over five continents. Luna PR helps promote upcoming and set blockchain and crypto projects to reach their full potential with the help of its expert team members.

Know more about Luna PR, visit their WebsiteTwitterInstagram, and LinkedIn.

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