How PR can benefit from media analysis

by | Mar 23, 2017 | Analysis, Measuring Impact, Media Monitoring, Public Relations

No PR campaign is an island. Each and every one needs media intelligence to exist, and good media intelligence to succeed. For example, it’s nice to know which influencers can amplify your client’s message, but it’s better to be able to follow that message throughout its lifecycle, to measure the extent to which it travels, and to analyze the reasons why.

Our Agility platform allows for advanced targeting and distribution; Agility Plus provides the same, but includes DIY monitoring and measuring as well. But when it comes to true intelligence, there is no substitute for proper analysis. And this is where Agility Enterprise stands out. Making sense of the numbers, and putting the monitored topics in context, is where we find the next level of success.

So how do we better leverage monitoring and analysis in our PR efforts? By integrating them into the basic steps of every press release campaign. Traditionally, the process has looked something like this:

Traditional PR campaign process with two blocks: Target and Distribute, then you repeat

Find as many contacts as possible from whatever source you have access to, put the release together, carpet bomb those contacts, and do it again with the next release. Simple, cost effective, and easy to repeat, over, and over, and over again. Some releases find success, some don’t – why that might be, no one knows. But this model relies too much on chance. Good media intelligence makes the process, and the results, much more reliable.

New circular PR campaign process: Target, Distribute, Measure, Analyze, Optimize, Monitor, and then repeat

With the advantage of expert analysis, every bit of data can be applied to continually improve current and future campaigns.

Say yours is a PR firm whose tech client wants to promote a new fitness gadget. By monitoring the industry’s media coverage – whether traditional or social or both – your firm can begin to understand which outlets and contacts are currently focusing on a fitness and tech theme. You can then target the right contacts, and design your release to be most persuasive to that specific group. By sending it out using a platform like Agility, you can track engagement and analyze the results, apply it against the monitoring data, and optimize the variables. This type of intelligence can be used for a re-release to increase conversion rates, or to improve the next wave of the campaign, or both.

Agility Enterprise is the answer for those PR professionals who want the full package. Because when a powerful media monitoring engine is backed up by expert analysts, the media intelligence you gain can be the difference between an okay campaign and a spectacular one. After all, knowledge is power.

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