The Royals on Twitter: the who and where of their visit

by | Oct 11, 2016 | Analysis, Travel and Tourism, Twitter

A week since the Royals have left Canada, and the Twitter storm has arguably come to its end. But while Will, Kate, George, and Charlotte were on Canadian soil, the storm raged. We at MediaMiser used our analysis software to analyze these tweets for mentions of where the family went on their Canadian tour.

We compared a sample of over 80,000 tweets to the Royals’ itinerary to determine which locations and attractions were mentioned most often. We also looked at which Royal generated the most buzz (the result will not surprise you).


Eight locations or communities were mentioned in the Royals’ itinerary, beginning with their arrival in Victoria on September 24 and ending with their send-off from that same city’s airport October 1. Over the week, Victoria, where the family stayed at Government House, was the most mentioned city.

The Royals’ arrival and departure from Victoria generated a lot of buzz for British Columbia’s capital city. Having spent their first and final day in Vancouver however, this location received the second-most mentions. Adorable photos of Princess Charlotte and Prince George probably helped.

Whitehorse, the capital of Yukon, earned the third-most mentions, as the Royal couple’s visit had people lined up in anticipation.

Carcross, Kelowna, Bella Bella, Haida Gwaii, and the Okanagan Valley all got mentions, but produced less buzz than these top locales.

Aside from the locations mentioned during the visit, attractions the Royals visited were also mentioned by Twitter users.


Of all the attractions visited, Government House received the most mentions, in part because it was their official residence during their visit, but also because it was also the location of a party held in their honour. Government House made up 71 per cent of total attraction mentions in our sample.

And while Bella Bella itself did not appear in many tweets, the Great Bear Rainforest, which surrounds the community, was the second-most mentioned attraction.

The third-most mentioned attraction, the Telegraph Office, may have gotten so much attention because it was visited by the Queen and Prince Philip in 1959.

It wasn’t just location, location, location though, Twitter users also mentioned the members of the Royal family by name. Analysis of these mentions shows that (no surprise!) the beloved Duchess of Cambridge earned the most mentions…by a mile.


Something fishy going on. Kate goes Salmon fishing in Haida Gwaii #RoyalVisitCanada pic.twitter.com/CLhzNVK80S

You might expect that her Prince Charming would come next, and well perhaps in a way he did, but it was the young Prince George who received the second-most mentions, followed closely by his sister Princess Charlotte, as the children beat their father in Twitter popularity.

On their weeklong visit, the Royals generated a lot of buzz for themselves and the places they visited. But while they may be gone, they are not likely to be soon forgotten, as our Twitter analysis showed that Canadians have a very soft spot for those lovable Royals.

Chantelle Brule
After receiving her Master's in Communications from Carleton University, Chantelle brought her research experience to Agility's Media Insights team as a data analyst. She's particularly good at what she does.


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