Star Wars: Battlefront Twitter reviews: The Force is beautiful, yet mediocre

by | Dec 17, 2015 | Analysis, Popculture, Twitter, Video Games

Star Wars: Battlefront was released on November 17 across all major video game platforms to much fanfare — fair share of criticism, as well. Initial reviews from both popular gaming critics and users alike were almost abysmal for a game that was so intensely hyped during its run-up.

There were fears prior to the release that the game, backed by EA and developed by DICE— well-known for its successful Battlefield franchise — would simply be a so-called re-skin of a Battlefield game, and herald nothing original.

Now that users have had time to have a closer look — and taking into account the increase in advertisements from all major consoles advertising Battlefront as the must-have Christmas gift — we’ve run an analysis on the many Twitter reviews out there to determine an overall consensus.

And while negative reviews indeed outweighed the positive, it’s important to note that most reviews (even negative ones) mentioned several positive aspects about the title (with a few exceptions). Several negative reviews also mentioned that this game is visually stunning and sounds amazing.


Regarding the sound, gamemaker DICE was provided access to much of the source material held by LucasFilm including all sound effects, music, and props. This led to much praise from several reviewers saying that even if the game isn’t great in other areas, it’s a “visual tour-de-force”.

A few of the reviews criticized the abnormally high cost of the game, taking into account the $60 initial cost to purchase the game and additional $40 for a season’s pass to access to the large amount of downloadable content to be released.

One user criticized the Season’s Pass, adding that those who purchase it are “taking it on faith” that the content will be worth additional money since none of the content has yet been announced.

And with the upcoming release of the next Star Wars film series just days away, several users expressed fears that the movie might not be good either.

While this notion has since been proven wrong by an avalanche of positive reviews of the film, at the time this made the tone of Battlefront reviews even more negative.

Despite the initial negative reviews, it seems that as users continue to play the game it’s obvious there is faith that future updates and expanded content will fill the gaps they’ve identified in the game.

In the meantime, we can only hope that our faith in the Force will be rewarded.


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