Well, this happened: We’ve been acquired by Innodata!

by | Jul 28, 2014 | Events

It is an exciting day at MediaMiser – we’re proud to announce we have been acquired by Innodata!

Together we’re planning to accomplish great things in the world of media monitoring and analysis.

Where to start? First off, if you’re reading this: thank you. Whether you’re one of our wonderful clients, employees, family members or friends we thank you for helping make this day happen.


Thirteen years ago we had a great idea to make media analysis easier. Now a teenaged company with thousands of happy subscribers, we’re ready to take our ideas to new markets with the help of Innodata’s digital expertise and global reach.


But the more things change, the more they stay the same: we’ll continue operating under the MediaMiser banner, and our amazing staff at Ottawa HQ will continue working on cutting-edge software and providing the best customer service in our industry.

We’d like to thank our entire team for creating a great place to come to work every day: Paul, Shirley, Pragya, Stephanie, Lindsay, Jen H, Sophie, David K, Arlene, Derek, Greg, Jeff, Peggy, Tiffany, Carolyn, Jen W, David N, Evan, Gillian, Jared, Jim, Lucas, Mark, Scott, Brigitte, Céline, Chris, Don, Ian, Jasmine, Jen E, Lisa, Yan, Brad, Ryan, Hannah, Hao, Devin, Samer, Sarah, Stefan, Victoria, Katie, Sheena, Sara, Paige and Kasper.

And a big high-five to everyone, past and present, who helped us along the way! You know who you are.

Finally, thanks to our banks and advisers: RBC Technology Banking, Business Development Bank of Canada, Finalta Capital, Welch LLP, Software Equity Group, LaBarge Weinstein, and our kids’ piggy banks (we promise to pay back every penny).

To read the full press release, click here.

To the future!

Brett Serjeantson, CEO

Martin Lyster, COO

Chris Morrison, President

Chris Morrison