Word of mouth marketing ideas for healthcare practices

by | Feb 15, 2018 | Marketing, Public Relations

Healthcare marketing can be complicated—trying to put patients first while guaranteeing steady revenue is difficult to accomplish. There’s a wide variety of platforms available to market your client’s healthcare practice, and it can feel overwhelming to know what’s best for your demographic, and what will best deliver how you want your practice to be seen.

Here are a few marketing tips and strategies to up your game in 2018:

Better patient experiences

The best way to ensure patients re-attend and bring their family and friends and talk about you is by giving them good patient experiences. Word of mouth is extremely important with any business, especially when it comes to a person’s health.

You can change the way patients view your healthcare practice by offering personalized care. You can do this by asking patients to fill out a quick survey at the end of their appointment to see and what you’re doing well and what you can improve. Good survey results should be posted on your website and social channels to show potential customers what you can offer them.

You want the best staff out there for the roles available at the best salary for your surgery, so check out SalarySite.com for the latest information on salaries for healthcare practice technicians such as Nurse Anesthetists.

Special offers

If you want to attract new customers, you may want to get a valuable offer out there that will attract customers. You may lose out on profit at first, but with a good advertisement and a good offer, you should attract enough patients to make your money back and more. You also then have a larger client base.

You may offer a health check for a discounted price—with Americans understanding more and more about their body and the potential dangers, health checks are becoming very popular in healthcare practices. Use Facebook or Instagram to promote these offers, as social media is a great way for free marketing.

Follow up

The best way to market is to genuinely look after your patients, even after they have come and gone. People don’t necessarily want to talk about what they were treated for and may not want to be reminded, but one of the best ways to market your healthcare practice is to ensure your patients are happy afterwards—and following up with them is the best way to do so and will make them want to return. Consider an email list of patients that had or have a certain condition, and schedule these emails at certain points providing aftercare information, asking for feedback and reminding them of their next appointment. This will ensure customer satisfaction, and a happy patient is one that will spread word of your practice.

Look after your patients and they will look after—you and market you for free! The use of social media can help you interact with patients and gain more customers, so perhaps think about running a competition or giveaway to help get word of your healthcare practice out there.



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