12 Most Common Media Database Buyer Questions (Video)

by | Feb 26, 2021 | Media database, PR Tools, Public Relations

If you’ve looked at or used a media database in the past, you might think if I’ve seen one, I’ve seen them all. But when you dig deeper, you’ll come to know that not all media databases are created equal.

The database you choose will have functional nuances that might not be obvious until you’ve tried a variety of activities, like studiously researching media contacts from a specific outlet, importing a list of private contacts, or going through a new user training session. And since a media database is a tool that can make or break your media relations, it’s important to be aware of these subtle differences in function and feature.

Not sure what to look out for? We’ve got you covered. Here are the 12 most common questions our sales team at Agility PR Solutions is asked by PR professionals who are considering a new media database.

1. How many contacts are in your media database?

Our global media database provides clients with up-to-date information on over 1 million media outlets and contacts across 235 countries and territories, covering all verticals. We never artificially inflate our volume by double-counting contacts or duplicating figures across editorial appointments.

Each journalist and media production contact card includes a professional profile, job title, editorial role, specified contact information, links to social handles and primary media outlet, any additional employments, and beats or subject assignments.

You’ll also have access to a media feed for each contact, where you can see their most recently published articles and Tweets.

2. How is your media database kept up to date?

Our world-class research team maintains our database using a multi-faceted methodology, which combines traditional research, data enrichment programs and monitoring automation.

Each week our researchers proactively confirm the details of every media contact—according to priority—at the highest frequency possible to ensure we have the most current email, social handles, and employment information.

Along with regularly confirming existing profiles, our systems constantly track email validity and publishing activity in real time. This allows our researchers to quickly investigate and then update contacts with the most current information.

3. How accurate is your media database?

Our contact information has an average deliverability rate of 99 percent, which is extremely high by industry standards. Database editing is audited to assure accurate and quality profiles are delivered to Agility clients.

4. Can I export contact lists from Agility? Am I able to import my own contacts into Agility?

Yes, you can both export from and import contacts into Agility. You may export media lists of up to 1,000 contacts. If you have a list of contacts that you want to bring into the media database, you can do so without limitations on list size.

We provide detailed instructions on exporting lists and importing private contacts in the support section of our website.

5. Can my own contact lists be uploaded and updated by Agility?

Our support team is happy to assist with imports of any private contacts on behalf of our clients, or you can import the list on your own by following these instructions.

Additionally, we update existing contacts and add new contacts (when applicable) from lists of requested outlets or individual contacts submitted by clients.

6. What kind of search options do I have to find contacts?

There are three main ways to discover contacts in our media database:

  • Keyword search: With a powerful keyword search option you can find media contacts whothat are talking about the specific words that are important to your brand, rather than just contacts who are covering a specific beat. For example, using keyword search you can find journalists writing about “artisanal donuts” rather than just “baking”.
  • Traditional beats: Browse an extensive subject directory to find contacts by their beats. For example, you can search for journalists with the beat “children’s books” and then subsequently filter the list by location, job role, media type, and more.
  • Influencer Streams: With Influencer Streams, you can find media contacts posting about relevant subjects by tracking what journalists are saying on social media in real time. For example, if you want to find journalists tweeting about mental health, you can set Influencer Streams to search all journalists who are using a related hashtag or keyword. This can be a great way to discover journalists who are interested in a certain topic but who may not be actively covering it.

7. Am I able to distribute newswires using Agility?

Yes! We offer an integrated newswire service within our media database solution. Clients can purchase one-off or bulk newswire packages to conveniently send their email pitches and newswires from the same place. This allows you to distribute to a broad range of outlets and newsrooms and get the pickup your story deserves.

8. What does the onboarding process look like for new clients? Is training included?

We offer free training sessions to all new users to ensure that they can hit the ground running. Once you sign on with us, we’ll arrange a personalized training session for you and your team to make sure you’re comfortable using Agility. Our helpful support team can also assist new clients with initial set up items, like creating media outreach lists or importing private contacts.

Users can easily reach us via our in-product chat, email and phone support if they have questions.

9. How are you different from other leading media database and outreach tools?

We stand out from other providers by leading in user ratings for quality of support, ease of use, and ease of setup.

We pride ourselves on building and maintaining quality relationships with our clients. Our account management and support teams are eager to work with clients on an individual level to guarantee an effective and positive experience. Our account managers are passionate about customer success and readily available to address any questions and concerns from our valued clients.

In addition to an Account Manager, Agility clients are assigned a Support Specialist to onboard and train their team and answer technical questions. Once you’re up and running with the tool, the Support Team will remain ready and willing to answer any questions you may have.

10. Does Agility provide best practice information for successful email pitches and press releases?

We offer a variety of best practice information through our monthly webinars, free-to-download guides, and our Earned Media Mastery virtual summit. You’ll find great tips and strategic advice on how to get your email pitches noticed and earn media coverage using our platform in the Resources section of our website, or by connecting with your Account Manager.

11. How much does it cost?

Check out our video above for starting prices or contact us directly for pricing information. 

12. Why is there a minimum 12-month commitment when purchasing?

As a way to provide optimal value to our clients, we focus on forming partnerships instead of short-term engagements.

Users see the most success when they’ve used our platform for more than a couple of months, which is why we’re firm on a 12-month commitment. In fact, the majority of those who sign on with us go well past the 12-month period, becoming multi-year clients.

Cara Valle
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