A man wearing a medical face mask thinking about a solution for the covid-19 coronavirus outbreak.

Media takes a beating: New research raises red flags for journalism in the COVID era

The COVID crisis has left piles of destruction in the world of business, and the media industry has been pummeled as badly as any. Facing everything...

3 effective PR strategies for niche businesses

All businesses have the desire to be discovered by their target audience, but this can be easier said than done if they haven’t thought carefully about the most successful PR marketing strategies. Niche businesses provide products and services for specific audiences,...

Why PR is no longer the underdog

I’ve never understood why PR has been considered marketing’s second cousin. I suppose the only rationale I can give is because PR is more of marathon than a sprint, taking longer to show ROI and more difficult to measure. But its value is so much greater than any...

5 fundamental goals for your digital PR

Digital PR is a useful tool that more and more businesses are making the most of, but what outcomes can you expect from a successful campaign? Here are some of the goals you should be looking to achieve when you reach the right people with the right message. Brand...

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