4 insights on growing a business with marketing efforts

by | Sep 24, 2021 | Marketing, Public Relations

Without a well-known reputation as well as publicity, plenty of companies tend to have a difficult time growing in their industries. However, having a steady stream of efficient promotional strategies, including marketing and public relations, can help businesses build a target audience which leads to more growth. This is precisely where these types of promotional efforts can help promote, manage, and build brand reputation for businesses.

Marketing and public relations efforts aren’t just for big brands and corporations that are globally recognized, and plenty of small-time businesses can also get plenty of benefit out of these types of strategies. In fact, all types of companies can benefit from promotional efforts when they’re performed the right way. There are plenty of reasons why companies should utilize promotional efforts, with the key one being growth.

Promoting a brand image

Every company should earn the trust of their target audiences. Without having a trusting relationship between a company and its consumers, it’s a lot more difficult for companies to increase their following and exposure, which leads to more sales and eventually growth. In fact, a lack of credibility can end up putting a company at a disadvantage, because it usually results in a loss of sales and growth. Marketing and PR efforts can help companies bridge the gap with their target audience through a number of different strategies.

Brand recognition

As marketer Rick De La Croix has noted, “Although it takes a bit of time and effort for companies to figure out the best strategies and efforts that will get a company more brand recognition, it’s more than worth it. Whether it’s a recently launched company or a previously established brand, investing in brand recognition can help companies achieve their business goals. Additionally, there’s also no need for companies to create big budgets to attain brand recognition with consumers, as there are plenty of cost-effective strategies that can help businesses grow and achieve recognition.”

Market influence

Companies that tell an attention-grabbing and interesting story that focuses on their brand can get their audience’s attention and connect with consumers on a more personal level. Marketing and public relations campaigns can influence and change the way the public views and thinks about any company. With strategies that include positive messages that are relevant to the target audience, companies can influence the market in their favor. Although there are certain situations for many companies where a crisis is inevitable, with the help of the right strategies, companies can fix their image and mitigate any damage to their reputation.

Establishing connections

Companies can build many connections online that can potentially help grow their reputation positively. One example of this is cross-marketing, where businesses can partner with other companies that complement and promote each other in mutually beneficial ways. When companies can create conditions that are favorable for the target market, both of the parties in cross-marketing efforts can benefit from the partnership.

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Ronn Torossian
Ronn Torossian is the Founder and Chairman of 5W Public Relations: 5WPR is one of the 20 largest PR Firms in the United States.


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