5 strategies for PR packages that inspire influencers and drive engagement

by | May 23, 2024 | Public Relations

Are you looking for an innovative way to get repurposed branded content? Sending PR packages to influencers could be the best way. Done right, PR boxes generate valuable insights and real content your brand can market. And the more effort placed into your work, the greater the chance of earning posts that are proportional to it.

How do you put together an influencer package worth posting about? From choosing products to creating a unique unboxing experience, there are lots of things to keep in mind. That’s why we created this list of PR package ideas and strategies that will help you achieve great results. So let’s get started and explore these ideas: 

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1. Choose the most appropriate product

For starters, you need to curate merchandise that is relevant to your audience. But be careful about what you send. Shipping a 10-pound box of promotional items or products worth thousands of dollars with no guarantee of content is risky. 

Many brands send PR packages containing merchandise that exceeds $50-100. And don’t send temperature-sensitive or fragile items. Receiving a broken product leaves a bad first impression. Pick one colorful and eye-catching item to create a wow factor. Make a list of products that would work seamlessly in an Instagram Reel or TikTok instructional video.

2. Make your products ready for social media

Consider how lots of influencers love to create unboxing videos and Stories, and consumers love to watch unboxing videos. For creators, a significant part of PR packages is the unboxing process. The experience should be amusing, memorable, and worth posting about. 

Making a fine impression is all about presentation. Below are a few PR package ideas:

  • Go with branded packaging: This is one of the best ideas to sell your brand in front of a wider audience. Add branding features and packing material that reflect your brand’s colorations and imagery. This will allow you to create personalized PR boxes and add a personal touch to your packaging to make it feel unique.
  • Pick a creative theme: If your product is seasonal or has a limited supply, this should be taken into consideration when it comes to your packaging. Consider how holiday packaging is always red and green. 
  • Add a complimentary gift: Adding a small (yet meaningful) gift will help them recognize that you care about this exchange.

3. Write customized notes to connect with creators

Including notes in your PR packages is a smart way to make your package unique. Likewise, customized notes can make the unboxing feel special. 

While writing personalized notes for lots of influencers may not be the best use of your resources, it should be considered for special PR campaigns. Here are tips for crafting notes to creators:

  • Approach influencers with a phone call. 
  • Handwrite your notes (or at least sign them yourself).
  • Include a call-to-action (ex: request remarks or ask them to @tag you).
  • Say thanks and let the influencer see that you value their time.

4. Promote your product with key points

Consider steps you can take so influencers can make the best use of the products they receive. If you are going to have a notice or a separate insert for your product(s) in a custom rigid box, offering complete details about your product(s) can be a smart move. This might include: 

  • A quick description of the product(s) 
  • Benefits or key promoting points. 
  • How to use the products (or tips for using them). 

5. Feature a promo code in your PR package

Not all brands that collaborate with influencers utilize promotional or coupon codes, but for those who do, there is a possibility to enhance your offer by combining it with a discount.

Offering a deal without conditions is a thoughtful gesture that strengthens relations. The key to success lies in sending products that excites influencers and their audiences. If your product is relevant, influencers might also see discounts as an additional benefit.

Srushti Shah
Srushti Shah is an ambitious, passionate, and out-of-the-box thinking woman having vast exposure in Digital Marketing. Her key focus is to serve her clients with the latest innovation in her field leading to fast and effective results. Working beyond expectations and delivering the best possible results in her professional motto. Other than work, she loves traveling, exploring new things, and spending quality time with family. Reach out to Srushti Shah on Twitter or LinkedIn.


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