5 tech marketing strategies to stretch your budget

by | Mar 15, 2022 | Marketing, Public Relations

Sales and marketing are key elements to the success of any company, including the tech industry. However, not every company has the budget to execute the same sales and marketing strategies that the big brands and corporations do. Fortunately, there are certain marketing strategies that even tech companies with smaller budgets can use to achieve success. Companies first have to think about what they want to achieve with their marketing strategies before investing in them. They should give those goals measurable metrics so that they can evaluate whether those strategies are working.


One great way that companies can attract more website visitors is through blogging. Companies can tailor their blog posts to any stage of the buying journey by making them informative for lead generation, or by showing their products’ problem-solving capabilities for potential consumers that are ready to convert. Through blog posts, companies can also set themselves up as experts in their industry. They can then become thought leaders for whatever the potential consumers are looking for by showing how the companies can help customers with their products, and by empathizing with consumers.

Email campaigns

Another effective marketing strategy for tech companies with smaller budgets is email campaigns, which can be used to further build relationships with consumers. It’s always important for businesses to segment their email lists so that they can target specific subscriber segments with particular content. Email campaigns are also a great way to nurture leads and drive calls to action, but it’s important to remember they need to stand out from the crowd to really grab the attention of consumers.

Social media

Millions of businesses have set up their own profiles on social media platforms, yet nearly 90 percent of the questions that consumers send to those profiles are left unanswered. This is a gap that tech companies can start to fill by answering the questions consumers have on those platforms and giving them advice, which will provide value. The goal of companies on social media platforms should be to build stronger relationships with consumers and generate more credibility. All of that is done by distributing different types of content on those platforms.

Public relations

Yet another strategy that companies can utilize is to position themselves as industry leaders in PR, through which they can create and send out articles or news releases about their milestones. The main difference between PR and the aforementioned strategies is the fact that PR might be more costly to tech companies with smaller budgets. This is especially true if these companies don’t have the right tools or knowledge on how to approach their PR efforts. Nevertheless, PR is a great way to generate more brand awareness and positive business opportunities for companies, despite being difficult to precisely measure.

Pay per click

Lastly, companies can also invest in Google AdWords retargeting campaigns in order to have their ads show up in front of people who have already expressed interest in their products. PPC ads provide companies with plenty of targeting opportunities, such as targeting based on keywords, based on who visited a certain webpage, and more.

Mike Paffmann
Mike Paffmann is CEO of Virgo-PR.