6 effective PR strategies for multi-level marketing companies

by | Dec 22, 2020 | Marketing, Public Relations

For multi-level marketing companies, managing public relations can be a major key to success. It is important that both customers and distributors feel confident and secure with the direction the company is headed, as well as with the product itself. Just like with any other business, people taking a look at the company will often be very interested in its core values, mission and history. Here are five strategies that can help your company establish strong PR.\

1. Understand your customer base

Before formulating a plan to manage public relations, you need to understand who you are trying to reach. A network protocol system such as NetFlow can help your company identify the qualities and tendencies of your customer base. NetFlow is a system that monitors network data to find trends in users’ activity on a site. It can help you to see the times of heavy traffic, origins or users and paths taken throughout the website. This primarily helps you to cater to the current base, but it can also show you which types of customers you should seek out next.

2. Focus on distributors

For an MLM company to be successful, the distributors need to be just as enthusiastic about the product as you are. Seek out distributors who will participate in the marketing process, and continue to find new ways to make those distributors happy. A distributor who feels unhappy or slighted can do a lot of damage to the image of your company you’ve worked so hard to establish. Take tangible steps and make a plan to consistently show distributors that you care.

3. Target multiple demographics

If the product struggles with certain demographics, search for a distributor to help, or make an effort to reach that demographic in some way. Understand that customers talk to each other and that diversity is key in creating an enthusiastic network of contacts. Focus on the core of the customer base, but keep all customers in mind when managing public relations.

4. Establish a policy for direct contacts

There are some situations in which customers learn about a product, but have a hard time finding a distributor. In these cases, they might be interested in buying directly from the main site online. When this happens, the distributors might begin to see the main company site as a competitor for sales, which can only hurt public relations. Direct contact sales can be key to retaining potential customers, but you should make sure to set a policy right from the start. This way no one will feel slighted or misinformed. If you decide to let only the distributors do the selling, stick to that decision.

5. Search for influential supporters

Using influential speakers to market your product is an effective public relations strategy for any company, not just MLM. It’s always a good idea to seek out people of influence to give your company a face people will recognize. They can help to expand your customer base by tapping into their own niche audiences, and they provide credibility to your claims about the product.  Many are also used to being in the spotlight, so they can use their self-branding expertise to help brand your exciting product.

6. Consider content marketing

Instead of just buying ads, consider investing in things like blogs, native advertising and videos that will further educate your customers about why your product is important. This is very effective for public relations because instead of simply telling customers they need your product, you can explain whythey need the product and establish trust.

These are just some of the ways you can establish and improve upon public relations for your multi-level marketing company. By understanding your customer base, staying consistent and being intentional about your PR objectives, you can create a brand that will be trusted and respected. This will be key in creating and sustaining an energetic network of contacts.

Walter Bodell


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