7 ways to get your brand noticed with a marketing agency

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As a brand, you should focus on your customers’ pain points and provide a solution that solves the exact problems that they face. You should identify your target audience, sort them under different categories, and give a personalized solution.

Getting your brand noticed can look like a daunting task if you don’t have a clear set plan to go forward, so you need to have strategic planning in order to plan and sort out things like creating brand awareness and make them recognizable to your target audience.

To create brand awareness, you can sponsor local events, and be active on official social media handles. As a whole, you should focus on enhancing your credibility as a brand to make your customers feel confident in buying your product or availing of your services.

Try to retain your loyal customers through better discounts and offers. Also, promote your brand through various channels to reach all customers. Now let’s dive into the topic with seven powerful ways to get your brand noticed with a marketing agency.

1. Leverage SEO services

Before getting SEO services with any SEO company, know the facts below to understand SEO and how it can help your brand get noticed. A digital marketing agency helps you with a wide range of SEO Services like on-site and off-site SEO, link building, and keyword research.

Local SEO helps you rank higher among the local listings, which is essential for local businesses. For example, try to discuss with Digital Marketing Milwaukee agencies how you can improve local SEO targeting its residences when you’re operating from Winsconsin. Services who specialize in local SEO will have more effective strategies at their disposal.

Companies like this can help you build trust and create high-quality content that can rank higher on the SERPs. They also ensure that you stay ahead of the competition.

If you are a local business, you need geographically targeted traffic to get quality leads. The crucial factors to consider in local SEO are inbound links, social signals, and local reviews. These help you gain trust among the search engines and the local community.

It usually requires building trust, loyalty, and credibility among your local community to rank higher in local search results. It is vital to create profiles on social media to reach and communicate in a personalized way with your local audience.

You should build trust and domain authority for your website to get favored among the eyes of search engines to get higher search rankings.

Here are some focus points to Improve your SEO:

  • Your content should be an original idea and written creatively.
  • Publish high-quality content using keywords on a regular basis.
  • Optimize your website for loading faster with Google Pagespeed Insights.
  • Use keywords in your content with high global search volume and less competition.
  • In all the images you include in your blog posts, never forget to include Alt Tags to improve your Image SEO.

2. Word of mouth marketing

Word of mouth marketing is a powerful strategy for your brand when friends or relatives refer your brand to people they know. You can substantially grow your brand without necessarily spending or allocating any budget on ad spend.

Ad spending would undoubtedly increase your running costs as a brand, and the ROI might not be favorable at all times. Also, building a community around your brand can increase engagement, and people are more likely to get over awareness of your brand.

With this strategy, you build brand trust, brand loyalty, customer acquisition and make a trend with your brand. You can also scale up with a referral program that enhances your success in word-of-mouth marketing.

3. Pay per click ad campaigns

PPC Ads are an excellent way to make your brand get noticed, and also the ROI is pretty good if done strategically. Some pay-per-click services that can help a brand are paid search ads, video advertising, display ads, and social advertising.

PPC ads are always shown above the search engine results, which can help you get noticed by many people who use Google or Bing.

The best platform you can show ads is Facebook because they have wide-ranging users data with many demographics. Also, Facebook ads are pretty cheaper than other platforms, and the ROI is higher with Facebook ads.

4. Social media contest

Social media contests get high engagement because they create excitement among social media users, and they participate in good numbers.

Running a social media contest on Twitter, Instagram and Facebook can undoubtedly help your brand gain exposure among people. Also, people tend to follow and get to know about such brands, which runs frequent social media contests.

To increase engagement with your social media contests, you can do polls, create a buzz with your recent product launch, and respond to queries promptly.

You should prioritize improving your engagement with your posts by intelligent copywriting and interacting with your social media followers. Giving considerable rewards for the contests may also increase your brand followers on social media.

You can just find a competition idea and ask your followers to join the contest by offering them rewards. Reward, in a sense, can necessarily mean cash prizes, discounts on your brand products, and upgrades on your premium plans.

Also, be very transparent about your rewards and make sure you don’t deceive your social media followers with any false information concerning the rewards.

5. Email marketing strategy

Email marketing is a powerful strategy to connect with your customers and has a high return on investment than other marketing strategies. If you are a new brand looking to get noticed, sending weekly newsletters can help your brand grow.

Never try to promote hard with a salesy tone. Always approach your customers like you are a person or a personal brand. Be to the point in the emails, and use appealing email headlines using power words with a curious tone to increase the email open rates.

The better headlines you give result in higher email open rates and don’t give a false headline to make people just for the sake of opening it.

It would not have a satisfactory response or positive perception from your email subscribers. Sending newsletters once a week on Fridays or weekends would be the ideal time for your subscribers.

6. Storytelling

Storytelling is a much-discussed strategy for brands to reach their audience in a much warm way. You should not elaborate too much when you brainstorm the strategy to get your storytelling perceived correctly by people.

From billboards to television ads, storytelling is involved in many formats in marketing campaigns nowadays. For example, Nike doesn’t speak about how good their shoes are or anything about their product specifications.

They approach the audience by partnering with famous athletes and spreading their brand awareness by featuring athletes through ads and marketing campaigns. Nike fuels its brand through storytelling by connecting with its customers in a personalized way.

The storytelling strategy should be more relevant to the target audience, and they should feel more familiar and connectable with the brand. A case study by MBA Knowledge Base has shown how Nike leverages the art of storytelling to set a positive brand tone.

7. Influencer marketing

Influencer marketing is an excellent way of getting your brand noticed by connecting with influencers in your brand’s niche. Marketing agencies can help you find the right influencers who will enhance your brand’s image through social media posts.

Influencers can influence people to buy a product or believe in their ideas because they are a personal brand. So people tend to accept and follow influencers without a second thought because they have a sense of trust with the influencer.

A personal brand which the influencers have seems to have better engagements in social media compared to big brands. There are many methods by which influencer marketing can be done, like blogger reviews, endorsements, and social media.

The marketing campaign can scale up to higher if the marketing agency finds influencers relevant to the brands, like those in the same niche.

Final thoughts

Your brand needs to set a focused niche when working with the SEO aspects on your website because search engines favor core niche websites over those more general.

When you approach a marketing agency to get your brand noticed, it is highly essential to know the reputation and standards they set with their services. Never try to sell or promote hard with your brand products.

It is better to give value to your customers with your brand. Make your brand approach towards your audience in a more friendly and professional way so that people can feel connected with your brand.

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