9 differentiating tips for writing persuasive website content

by | Apr 23, 2019 | Analysis, Public Relations

It’s easy to create a website and landing pages, but it is very complicated to draw traffic through the web. Web content is far trickier than print content—there’s a lot of fierce competition and your site’s appeal is based only on current content. But generating persuasive web content gradually—and at times immediately—makes your page pop.

Most users end up settling for the following they get on the internet because they tend to undermine the power of convincing copy. For example, there are companies like Apple with amazing products, and there are companies that draw more traffic than Apple because of their amazing and engaging material.

So how do these websites draw so much attention despite having average products? Here are a few tips to not only attract the masses with content, but make them click on your links:

1. Don’t use clunky copy

Web visitors are hasty, and nobody can blame them. You can literally visit hundreds of sites in a short time and still want to search for more in order to find what you want. Website visitors are not readers; they are quickly scanning through your content to find what they’re looking for. This is a tricky job and that is why major brands hire writers to do the job because they cannot risk losing potential leads due to weak copy.

Look at Apple, for example—huge fonts, one-liner headings, and crystal-clear brief copy because this is what visitors are looking for. Nobody in today’s world has much patience, even if they have time, to go through paragraph after paragraph to find out what your company and products are about. You have to write web contenttelling your audiences want they to know, not what you want to say. Link to more detailed copy where interested parties can find more info, but stick to your main messaging on your homepage.

9 differentiating tips for writing persuasive website content

2. Aim for simplicity

Research has proven that only 16 percent of people read the entire copy on your homepage, and the rest are scanners skimming and judging your copy, skimming and rejecting, scanning and going to other open tabs. This is why website content writing is difficult because you have to say a lot with a few words. You also may have to go through several drafts to finalize the heading that could influence the visitor, turning them into the lead.

In addition, it is easier to catch something if it is written on a new line, so keep breaking your paragraphs into small sections as most people just check the beginning and end of a paragraph.

3. Cater to the inverted pyramid

When it comes to website content writing, following the rule of the inverted pyramid will prove beneficial. The rule is simple and follows the psyche of the majority as the most important information is given first and the rest follows according to the significance and value. Apply this rule and you will be able to write web content that appeals to the masses as no visitor will leave the page without getting your key points.

9 differentiating tips for writing persuasive website content

4. Appeal to the senses

Print content is all about words and the web is all about pictures, colors, and sounds. Use all of these to enhance your impression, and appeal to the sensual side of your audience by adding sharp images and music. All writers for hire know the power of visual and therefore create their copy accordingly to fit the visuals. This adds not only spice to your page but also increases the chances of sharing and quoting your product copy. Use modern design, large pictures, and attractive colors that are eye-friendly (not fluorescent colors, because you cannot look at them for long and they only irritate the reader).

Additionally, using edgy layout improves the readability of your text so if you are applying the inverted pyramid rule you will utilize it to the fullest. There are interactive designsas well to engage readers and make them go to inner pages.

5. Treat each page with care

One of the best tips for writing is to treat each page as if it were your landing page. Do not make it all about the cover page—sometimes your scanner may not find that thing on the first page and randomly and in some cases mistakenly click on inner pages. If you have not created your other pages with the same diligence and care, you will lose that potential lead.

Also, make sure that every web link has a call to action. It’s not convenient to go back and click on the button on the home page every time. You may lose the audience right there, so treat your pages like adverts with their independent call to action.

6. Use keywords and descriptions

You may have gone through all the tips for writing and are creating amazingly persuasive web content—but you will not and cannot attract relevant traffic unless you are using related keywords. There are keywords, meta titles, titles, and descriptions, along with other things that you should take note of before publishing your web content. And if it is too complicated for you, just hire professional writers and see your business boom in no time.

7. Be clear and understandable

Don’t try to impress your readers or scanners by using outdated, archaic, or complicated language because if they do not understand, they will not buy. Always use simple language—the web is visited by all sorts of people and you do not want to undermine someone by saying something they may not completely understand. Write web content as you would talk to them—interact with them in their own way and they will respond better.

9 differentiating tips for writing persuasive website content

8. Don’t get too specific

Invite everyone to your site, not just a few targets. The Internet is browsed by people of all ages and genders, so put in a little something for everyone, even if you are actually selling for one specific audience.

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