Are companies playing it too safe with marketing campaigns?

by | May 28, 2019 | Marketing, Public Relations

While companies may think they’re pushing the envelope when developing new advertising and marketing campaigns, their creative teams could very well hold a different view.

In fact, most of them would likely disagree. More than half of advertising and marketing managers surveyed by The Creative Group said their firms don’t take enough creative risks with projects.

And when asked to rate the level of creativity of their organization’s marketing campaigns, the average response was 3.8 out of 5. (View the full survey results in the infographic below.)

Yet being able to experiment—and fail—is crucial to innovation.

So what’s a creative team to do?

Like it or not, it may be up to you to cultivate the culture you crave—or at least speak up about it. To build an environment that truly supports innovation and smart risk-taking, you must help your employer:

  • Be clear about the actions and behaviors the organization values
  • Set up staff members for risk-taking success
  • Avoid assigning blame when a mistake is made

Are companies playing it too safe with marketing campaigns?

Planning and running effective brainstorming sessions can also lead to innovative concepts, campaigns and solutions. For more ideas on maximizing their efficiency and effectiveness, visit The Creative Group blog.

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