5 blog resources to help you keep up with digital PR

by | Nov 3, 2016 | Marketing, Public Relations

The digital revolution has changed all the rules of the game and turned business models upside down. The same can be said for the world of public relations, which is rapidly evolving into digital PR.

PR pros are one of the groups most impacted by this new age. With the incredible rise of digitalization, they are facing the challenge of staying on top of the latest trends and practices, the likes of which seem to change almost daily. Out of this massive and continuous upheaval, a few game changers seem to matter most: SEO, content creation and amplification, and social media.

One way that PR pros learn about new trends and practices is to follow blogs dedicated to bringing you the latest in digital public relations. Here are five that, if followed closely, will improve your skills.

1. SEO: Moz

There are many SEO blogs on the internet, but what makes Moz stand out are its articles for beginners. Even if you’re brand new to the profession, you can follow this blog and start wrapping your head around the nuances of search engine optimization.

Likewise, if you are already familiar with SEO, you can still benefit from Moz as it also has articles focused on advanced practices.

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2. Social Media: Pamorama

We all expect social media to increase brand awareness, create customer engagement, and generate leads.

But as a PR pro, you must already know that receiving ROI from social media is not as simple as it seems. Like all other marketing and advertising efforts, there is an actual science behind it.

Pamorama is one of the most useful blogs to understand the science of social media. Here you’ll find valuable tips for Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Google+, and other social networks.

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3. Content: Copyblogger

There is no doubt that content marketing has, in recent years, become the most popular way to find more customers. Today, almost every PR business is trying to employ a content marketing strategy to drive leads. As such, PR pros are expected to understand the latest and greatest content creation and amplification techniques.

Copyblogger, unlike other countless marketing blogs on the internet, focuses specifically on teaching people how to create killer online content. The blog provides you with original, relevant content about what’s working in the online content marketing world. There’s a reason it claims to be the most popular content marketing blog on the planet.

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4. Branding: Brand Strategy Insiders

Branding matters more than you think.

According to the Global Communications Report 2016, future growth in the public relations industry will be driven by branding activities.

Brand Strategy Insiders is a great source of valuable branding tips and techniques. The blog covers various types of branding activities, such as brand strategy, brand equity, and brand growth. If you want to improve your branding knowledge and skills, Brand Strategy Insiders is definitely one you want to check out.

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5. PR News and Intelligence: Bulldog Reporter

Mastering all the digital skills above doesn’t mean anything if you are not on top of the latest updates from the industry.

Bulldog Reporter offers the most recent PR news, intelligence, and views. You can also find useful PR webinars and enter any one of their awards program and get your efforts noticed by the public.

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Have you already mastered all the skills a digital PR pro needs? Explore how media monitoring and analysis can help you better understand the rapidly changing digital PR industry.

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