Industry focus: 6 buzz-building PR tips for contractors

by | Oct 24, 2019 | Public Relations

Public relations remains one of the most successful ways of putting your business and products in front of potential customers. Businesses utilize several platforms and techniques to promote their brand and create leads. These platforms have evolved from newspaper articles and posters to sponsored blog posts and Instagram videos.

If you are looking for ways to pass your message to potential clients, here are some custom-built PR strategies that can help you on your quest.

  • Understand what’s newsworthy

Most construction companies think that their customers and the media are interested in every action that the business takes. In this age of mass information, what your company does is a tiny part of the information available to the average person. Your potential customers are likely to be blown away by something that is trending; for example, a new house modeling style or new landscaping ideas. Media houses, bloggers, and social media influencers are likely to promote stories that will attract more people to their website. News outlets are always looking for unique stories, such as a construction company that is turning a wasteland into an architectural masterpiece.

  • Don’t make rookie mistakes regarding transparency

This is a general life rule, but it means much more to a construction company. The media impression you make will influence how clients perceive your services. You can use a construction document management to track and improve your documents. It is possible for people to be put off by simple grammatical errors or the slightest hint of rudeness. Always present truthful and accurate stories to your followers—exaggerations or planted malice will slander your brand and drive you out of business.

Industry focus: 6 buzz-building PR tips for contractors

  • Work with bloggers

Don’t assume that bloggers or journalists will automatically know about the new house you are constructing. Your marketing department should reach out to bloggers and keep them in the loop about any new construction project you are working on. Some more established bloggers may ask for a substantial fee or may reject your story. Try to explain to them how your new story will pull traffic to their blog and increase their readership. Always remember to keep your stories short, interesting, and informative.

  • Collect testimonials

Your previous and current customers are the best advocates of your construction business. People will choose a company with pre-existing construction works over a company with just paper drawings. Let your customers know you are willing to offer discounts if they allow you to use their finished home in your company’s marketing operations. You can even go a step further and offer to pay them if they agree to appear in your company’s adverts. Encourage them to leave positive and honest reviews on your website and social media pages. The average buyer now takes previous testimonials into account when choosing a construction company, so it’s important that your marketing department focuses on this aspect.

  • Make media contacts at trade shows

Leading construction companies often stage trade shows. If you are just starting out and want to improve your PR efforts, you should be a part of these events. Local media outlets and online promoters flock to these events to gather stories and news sources. Also, many homeowners and prospective home buyers visit these shows to compare houses and construction companies. You are likely to run into construction professionals who may teach you a thing or two about real estate PR. A home show is where new construction ideas first appear, and your presence there ensures you are conversant with the latest trends.

  • Employ email marketing

Email marketing has become an integral part of business PR. Companies get email addresses of potential customers and use them to convey new home projects and deals. Send out regular email newsletters to existing and potential customers to keep your brand remembered.

Successful PR

It’s not necessary to create an entire PR department to handle all your marketing needs. Most of these projects can be outsourced to freelancers and PR agencies. Keep in mind that growing a brand is a long-term marketing strategy that may take years to yield results.

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