Majority of consumers prefer micro-level social media influencers

by | Jun 6, 2019 | Public Relations

A new survey from PR and social media agency Uproar PR addresses the growing interest in influencer marketing—and finds that even though they may have smaller audiences, micro-influencers deliver big results when it comes to impacting consumer decisions.

The research found that 72 percent of people prefer micro-level social media influencers, which are defined as social media users with less than 100,000 followers, over those with larger followings. Furthermore, two-thirds of respondents had made a purchase decision based on a post from a non-celebrity influencer.

Influencer marketing ad spend is expected to reach between $5 billion and $10 billion in 2022, according to report from Business Insider Intelligence.

“Third-party recommendations from those you trust—whether its family, friends or the person you want most to emulate on social media—are some of the biggest drivers of consumer purchases,” said Jessica Donelson, social media director at Uproar PR, in a news release. “This survey confirms that it’s not about huge follower numbers—it’s about the connection influencers make with their audiences. Influencers with those relationships are the ones worth the marketing investment from a brand.”

Majority of consumers prefer micro-level social media influencers

Further insights from the survey include:

  • 68 percent of respondents have made a purchase based on a post from a non-celebrity influencer
    • Celebrities here are defined as TV and movie stars, musicians, athletes, authors and politicians
  • 72 percent of respondents prefer micro-level social media influencers
  • The majority (51 percent) of respondents’ favorite non-celebrity influencers had less than 30,000 followers, with 30 percent having less than 10,000 followers

“The marketplace and rules for engaging with social media influencers are still evolving. Understanding how this new kind of marketing affects the public relations and marketing stack is essential for businesses looking to get the most out of every marketing dollar,” said Donelson.

Majority of consumers prefer micro-level social media influencers

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