New report explores driving B2B account-based marketing results

by | Jul 23, 2019 | Marketing, Public Relations

In today’s sophisticated comms world, marketing and sales are no longer just about leads and acquisition—industry pros are responsible for committing to customer engagement and ensuring a positive experience. With seven people on average now involved in the decision-making process when closing an enterprise-level deal, companies need a more thoughtful way to market holistically. Compared to a traditional “one-to-many” approach, an account-based marketing (ABM) method is becoming more popular than ever.

In response, B2B-focused integrated PR and digital marketing firm Walker Sands developed From Strategy to Launch: 10 Steps to Drive Results with B2B ABM, an in-depth white paper designed to teach marketers in the B2B space how to strategically develop and deploy ABM as a key strategy—driving value and growth for any company.

“Holistically aligning sales and marketing resources and empowering them to develop relationships with all stakeholders throughout a prospect organization generates impactful results. ABM humanizes B2B marketing and provides a clear strategy, which reduces the risk of your own people tripping over each other as they reach out to individuals,” said Courtney Beasley, VP of marketing at Walker Sands, in a news release. “With account-based marketing, B2B marketers are igniting a more profitable way of developing key relationships.”

According to the Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA), 78 percent of B2B executives say ABM is very important to their marketing strategy. That’s because ABM delivers results: 84 percent of companies surveyed by ITSMA say ABM achieves a higher return on investment than other types of marketing.

Five key truths about account-based marketing:

New report explores driving B2B account-based marketing results

New report explores driving B2B account-based marketing results

ABM focuses marketing and sales efforts on key accounts, treating them as individual markets to penetrate. This white paper discusses how marketers can use ABM to create a strategy to develop relationships with entire businesses in a structured fashion, using campaigns with content that speaks to specific business problems. As digital marketing evolves, teams can deliver personalized campaigns with more velocity. ABM changes the practice of marketing to multiple prospects by aligning marketing and sales outreach with a company-focused strategy.

“We pride ourselves on helping B2B professionals realize the full potential of integrated campaigns—that potential extends itself to bottom-line impact,” added Beasley. “We’ve leveraged our agency’s collective expertise to present a roadmap for strategic and scalable digital ABM campaigns.”

Download the complete report here.

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